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Mad Max fans rejoice! You’ve made your voices heard, and AbbyShot listened:

ALL our Mad Max Products will re-stock in July!

That’s right, you can once again own all three replicas based on everyone’s favourite post-apocalyptic anti-hero, Max! Pre-ordering has already begun for the following Mad Max items, so you can reserve yours now.

The Mad Max Jacket by AbbyShotThe Mad Max Jacket

The best Mad Max replica jacket on the market, crafted from durable leather with screen-accurate shoulder caps – this is a must-have item for any Mad Max aficionado.

Customer Testimonial:
AbbyShot has done a wonderful job, and I doubt anyone else could make a replica any more original, because this one already is exactly like the original. If you are wondering about buying the Mad Max Jacket, then stop wondering and go buy it. Even if you aren’t a huge Mad Max fan this jacket is great and looks great.
- Aaron, USA

The Mad Max Gloves by AbbyShotThe Mad Max Gloves

These leather gloves were M.I.A. from the AbbyShot site for a while, but due to fan response we had to bring them back! Looking exactly like those worn by Mel Gibson in the first Mad Max film, you won’t find replica gloves like these anywhere else!

Customer Testimonial:
The Mad Max Gloves are just perfect. They had a tough act to follow, coming in the same box with two coats, but they are the scrappy, hot-rod little brother that won’t be ignored. The fit is excellent, the leather feels great, and – oh yeah, they look just like in the movie.
– Gerard, USA

The Mad Max Badges by AbbyShotThe Mad Max Badges

These hugely-popular replica badges are here to help you “Maintain Right”! Perfect metal replicas of Max’s “MFP” police badges, these are a great collectible on their own, OR an excellent addition to your Mad Max Jacket order!

Customer Testimonial:
Wow they are fantastic way beyond my expectations. The shield is very nice and boy is it heavy, no cheap metal used there for sure and the pin back is very secure I had to use my pocketknife the first time to open it up. The shoulder badge is my wife’s favourite . She was very impressed with the quality of the badges especially the mirror finish on the force number badge.
- Malcolm, USA

It’s going to be a great summer for Mad Max fans! To quote an Australian movie you may recognize:

“You can shut the gate on this one, Maxie… it’s the duck’s guts!”

Join the MFP today:

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