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During the summer, convention season is in full swing! Customer Jay took his new Squall Jacket to Anime Festival Orlando this past month for some utterly AMAZING Squall Leonhart cosplay! You’ve got to see this to believe it:

Customer Jay in his AbbyShot Squall JacketAll we can say is WOW! The belts, the pendant, the gunblade, it’s all there! Not only did Jay use the AbbyShot Squall Jacket (with pendant) for this impressive costume, he is also sporting a pair of our Associate Gloves. Well played, Jay!

Customer Jay takes the Squall Jacket outsideJay wasn’t the only anime fan inspired by Final Fantasy VIII, check out this hilarious cosplay tableau:

Squall and Selphie chat, but Irvine is not pleased!Squall is having a lovely chat with Selphie… wait a second! Irvine is REALLY not pleased… Smilie: ;)

Great cosplay of Squall, Selphie, and Irvine from Final Fantasy VIII
Thanks SO much to Jay for sending in these wonderful photos – they certainly made our month!

Do you have cool photos of your AbbyShot gear at a summer convention? Send ‘em in, there’s really no better time! As we announced in our July Newsletter, AbbyShot is having a CON-test: The customer with the best convention photo (as voted by you, our readers of course) will win a FREE Kingdom Hoodie!

So it’s worth your while to e-mail us your favourite convention photo now (use “info[at]abbyshot.com”Smilie: ;).

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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