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Yes, it is September already (somehow!) and we hope everyone had an amazing summer. This month’s “Customer E-mails” post brings us some great summer convention photos from the U.S. plus a cool Jenova photo from Australia (where I think it may have been winter and not summer?). Let’s dig into these photos before we confuse ourselves further. Smilie: ;)

First up we’ve got some photos from Dominic who took his Squall Jacket out for some cosplay at the San Japan convention in Texas. Looks like he had a great time – he met up with Rinoa, he fought Cloud, he even managed to meet with himself (“Squall, meet Squall!”Smilie: ;). This is what a convention looks like in B&W…

Squall and Cloud Battle It Out - featuring AbbyShot's Squall JacketSquall, Squall, and Rinoa - featuring AbbyShot's Squall Jacket Squall Meets Squall - featuring AbbyShot's Squall Jacket (R)
Dominic writes:
I was able to get ahold of Photoshop at my University so I was able to edit these for you. You have my permission to use them as you see fit. Also, could you plug my DA?

Not a problem Dominic! Plug accomplished. Thanks for the great photos!

Next, we have a customer from MUCH further south than Texas: this is Murray from Australia (a.k.a. Mad Murray – distant cousin twice removed to Mad Max). He wrote us a wonderful e-mail and sent a photo soon afterward.

Sephiroth Coat, Worn by AbbyShot Customer MurrayMy Jenova trench coat arrived in the mail today. I was amazed that it only took 5 days to ship all the way to Australia.

I must admit when I held the coat for the first time I started to shake. It is absolutely awe-inspiring and beautiful in every aspect.

Thank you so so so much for making this fantastic piece of clothing and getting to me so amazingly soon.

Looking forward to purchasing more of your extraordinary clothing in the near future.

Thanks again.

Murray W.
(a.k.a. Mad Murray Smilie: ;)

Thank you Murray for your kind words (and cool photo!).

That’s our visit to the E-mail Inbox for this month, but stay tuned to this very Blog for the finalists of our AbbyShot CON-test to determine the best convention photo.

As always, keep those photos coming – we love to see them!

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