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AbbyShot has the coolest customers in the world and every month they keep on proving it! It’s a pleasure to check the Inbox every day. Why? Because of emails and photos like this one, from a happy GIG Shrug customer:

I’m so happy with the shrug I think that every woman should have one in her wardrobe.

Apart from feeling completely sexy and empowered while wearing it the shrug certainly commands attention and I receive so many positive comments about it from passers by.

I wear tight lacing corsets and have 4 in leather. The shrug works so well with these it’s like they were born for each other.

I wish I could be like the Gillette guy, who was so happy with the product, he bought the company.

Thank you Abbyshot for such a wonderful buying experience. Thank you for using great leather. Just, thank you.

-Imelda Bootstross, Australia

We have had quite a few customers say that a corset and the GIG Shrug are like a match made in heaven. It is SO true.

Next we have a Kingdom Hoodie fan who is actually a previous winner of our Customer Photo contest held in March-April 2009. Sean had bought a Kingdom Hoodie and then won a hoodie for his girlfriend (great for Brownie points). This all adds up to: Organization II Smilie: ;)

Hello Abbyshot!
I know that we still owe you the Organization II pics, but it’s 90-100 degrees here in Florida and my girlfriend lives near an awesome lake where we can do the pics, but when it cools down, you’ll see. But in the meantime, here’s a pic that I took from early March at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World in Orlando.

- Sean, Florida, USA

Nice one Sean! The Kingdom Hoodie invades the Magic Kingdom – very appropriate. And the castle looks spooky in the background too (be sure to click the photo for a larger view).

Thanks to Imelda and Sean for sending in the pics and to all other customers: we would love to see YOUR photos! With Halloween coming up it could be the perfect time – just don’t forget your camera!

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