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The wind was howling as the sun began to set upon the beach. The only thing fiercer than the wind was the look in Adam’s eyes. It must have been a combination of the night and the Vereen Jacket hugging his body, because he no longer was the man we once knew.

Okay, for real, we had a really cool Vereen Jacket photo shoot down at the beach the other night! It was windy and rainy but that didn’t stop us! We were determined to get the perfect shots to bring back to our fans. The weather actually worked in our favor. We couldn’t have asked for a better sky or better lighting.

The Vereen Jacket has gone far too long displayed on a mannequin. It was time to show everyone what this jacket can really do. Not only is it the perfect replica garment but it is also a great everyday jacket. The deep brown leather is soft and sleek and makes any man feel like a hero.

Newfoundland has a lot of amazing scenery so it wasn’t very hard to find a great shoot location. We went to Topsail Beach, a beautiful rocky beach in Conception Bay South. To us it looked like the kind of place that Logan would like to hang out. Adam seemed to fit in well there; Hugh could have some competition if they ever decide to make another prequel.

The photos that our customers send in are always awesome so it is pretty hard to measure up, but we tried! Please, have a look at the pictures and let us know what you think. We have the best customers on the planet and we value your opinions very much!

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