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The holidays are approaching quickly! This is the time of year when you should feel happy and blessed. Thanks to our AMAZING CUSTOMERS we feel that all year round. We receive so many emails everyday from customers that take the time to let us know they are thankful for what we do. This makes us happier than anything and it is our reason for doing what we do. Thank you to all of our customers!

What do you get when you take one part Foxhound, two parts awesome? Answer: Solidus! Smilie: ;)

Customer Solidus in his AbbyShot Foxhound Coat!Greetings fellow soldiers of Outer Heaven!

I’m pleased to send you the links to some photos of the FOXHOUND coat in the field! It has been tested and found to excel in every way. Thank you once again for creating this perfect coat.

I plan to order from Customer Solidus Strikes Another Pose in his AbbyShot Foxhound Coat!Abbyshot again soon and refer all my comrades in arms to you for their epic clothing needs.

Keep up the great work Abbyshot!

Long Live Outer Heaven!

- Solidus, Outer Heaven (USA)

It’s so fun to see when couples both wear a piece of our clothing.

The AbbyShot Enigma and GIG Shrug Take Germany By Storm!After spending far too long in front of the mirror, fascinated with the quality of the products, we decided to wear them on our night out. We frequent the gothic scene, so black leather is pretty much standard. All our friends and acquaintances were wowed, both by the Enigma and the G-I-G Shrug.

During our Vampire live roleplaying session the next day, we got even more positive reactions. A -lot- of people identified the Enigma as “that Kingdom Hearts robe”, and a few were able to recognize the shrug, as well.

After wearing the Enigma in cold, german weather for two weeks, I am very pleased with having ordered from Abbyshot. A German customer in her AbbyShot GIG Shrug, inspired by Major Motoko Kusanagi of Ghost in the ShellYour customer support was friendly and patient while helping me set up the international transfer and gave me very professional feedback on every issue that came to mind. The product is warm enough for the winter, and the outstanding quality makes it usable for everyday wear.

Silvia (my significant other) is also very happy with the shrug. She’s been wearing it whenever she goes out. It’s the perfect accessory for her varied taste of clothing styles. She says it’s the most awesome birthday present she could imagine. I’m really looking forward to seeing her wearing it regularly next summer.

We recommended Abbyshot to everyone, and will certainly place some more orders in the future (Stampede Duster, Kingdom Hoodies, I’m looking at you!).

- Silvi and DeS, Germany

Our final email this month is from a very happy Squall Jacket customer!

When I got it I was so excited I couldn’t believe it actually The Squall Jacket, Inspired by Squall Leonhart of Final Fantasy VIIIarrived. The second the box was open it was already on me. It was like putting on a glove it just felt right. The collar was amazing looks so much more real then any other squall outfit I’ve seen. The quality is very good hence why I bought it from you guys. I got so many complements on it at the convention I went to. People asked me where I got it and I told them “Abbyshot.com, It’s pricey but so worth it in the long run.” I even have a Rinoa I Cosplay with and she wanted to steal it from me. Your guys’ work is loved, congrats.

- Sean, USA

Thanks Sean, you really know how to rock a Squall Jacket!

AbbyShot customers truly are out of this world, just the way we like it! Smilie: :)

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