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Here at AbbyShot it’s not just the winter winds that are blowing us away, it’s also the amazing customer emails we receive. We said it before, and we’ll say it again: OUR CUSTOMERS ROCK!

Our first customer email is from a true Mad Max fan AND AbbyShot fan. Here’s what Curtis had to say about his Mad Max gear:

Curtis Gropp wearing AbbyShot's Mad Max inspired jacketDid you ever just want to hug a jacket?

When I first saw “Mad Max” in 1980, I was blown away. I’d never been a car guy but MM made me at least appreciate the beauty of a muscle car. (I was always a bike guy and MM was a delicious smorgasbord.) But what I really fell in love with was the MFP uniform. Highway cops in black leather? That was one of the most inspired costuming choices I’d ever seen in a movie.

As you know, we’ve had to wait forever (OK, almost 30 years) to have accurate replica clothing available. And yeah, I’m 44 years old now, but dammit—I deserve to have my MFP uniform! Word on the Mad Max Movies forum was that the AbbyShot jacket was not only the most accurate replica available, but also a nice jacket for everyday wear.

I was scheduled to attend the Road Warrior Weekend Event 2009 and wanted to “represent” with the other MFPMad Max Inspired Leather Jacket officers, so I dutifully saved my allowance and ordered a jacket.

..when it arrived, it was like Christmas. I slowly opened the box, took out the jacket, and put it on. It’s a good thing my wife was at work, because I actually cackled with glee. The fit and finish are excellent. The leather is smooth and supple, requiring no break-in, and gives off that pleasing aroma.

-Curtis Gropp, USA

This next customer almost sounds like an AbbyShot employee: he overlooked no detail when reviewing his new Jenova Trench!

Final Fantasy inspired Jenova Trench I put the coat on, looked at myself on the mirror, and wow .. the length of the overall coat, the shoulder measurement, the length of the arm, the waist, the collar .. it fits like a glove.

I tried to put my hands inside the
outside pockets as well, and the location of these pockets couldn’t be more perfect. The outside pockets are discreetly integrated too. And then there’s that nice smell …

Looks like the wizards of Abbyshot have done it again this time, Customer Gerald wearing his Final Fantasy inspired Jenova Trench Coatand I think you guys should be listed as one of our national treasures. I’d like to thank all crew members for making this custom order of mine happened, and I wish you all best of luck in 2010 and years to come.


Ontario, Canada

Thanks Curtis and Gerald for these killer photos and comments! There are plenty of AbbyShot coats heading to new customers this holiday season, so be sure to send in your pictures and you might be the next star of the Customer Photos Blog Post! Smilie: :)

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