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In our January Newsletter, AbbyShot gave fans a list of questions that will have a huge impact on what we do in 2010. Basically, we wanted to know: What do YOU want us to make this year?
What Do You Think Should Be Next for AbbyShot?
To keep things structured we went with 4 main questions plus a general comment field at the end. Responses were well thought-out, varied, and overall fun to read. With well over 200 respondents, it was a good sampling of AbbyShot customers and fans. Now on to the questions!

1) Overall Interests

In this category we tried to get an overall view of what possible inspirations for 2010 are most popular with respondents. Here are our own top choices (shown in random order for the survey, of course) ranked here in order of reader interest, with 1 being the highest and 7 being the lowest:

  1. Serenity / Firefly
  2. Doctor Who
  3. The Matrix
  4. AbbyShot Orginal / AbbyShot Logo
  5. Assassin’s Creed
  6. Final Fantasy
  7. Kingdom Hearts

Overall, respondents were much more keen on science fiction over video games, with our 2 sci-fi licenses at the top of the list. Our retired Matrix line is still getting a lot of interest though with a #3 ranking.

We also left a spot for write-in responses and received a healthy dose of further inspirations, with those top picks being:

  • Twelve votes for John Crichton’s Peacekeeper coat from Farscape
  • Eleven votes for Captain Jack’s RAF Coat from Doctor Who / Torchwood
  • Ten votes for Dante from “Devil May Cry”

2) Types of Clothing

Next we wanted to see what types of clothing appealed most to fans. Again, in order of interest, we had:

  1. Long Coats
  2. Men’s Leather Jackets
  3. Hoodies
  4. Gloves
  5. T-Shirts
  6. Ladies’ Leather Jackets
  7. Bathrobes / Housecoats

So the AbbyShot standards came out on top (Long Coats, Men’s Leather Jackets, and Hoodies) and this didn’t surprise us as it’s what we’re known for, after all!

We decided to throw a curveball in the mix and see if fans would be interested in AbbyShot bathrobes (it has been suggested!), yet overall consensus was for us to stick with what we do best.

3) Serenity Licensed Products

In this question we proposed some product ideas from the Serenity ‘Verse and had fans rank them. Those unfamiliar with Serenity could choose an “N/A” option. Here’s the ranking in order of interest:

  1. Browncoat style suede satchel
  2. Wash style button-up T-shirt with “Fruity Oaty Bar” print
  3. Updated Jayne Hoodie (inspired by the “Jayne Hat”)
  4. Hoodie with “Fruity Oaty Bar” print

In this case, fans of the Serenity ‘Verse were leaning away from our traditional hoodie options in favour of some very different design ideas! Interesting… Smilie: ;)

Although it did come in number 3 in the above ranking, many fans wrote in to express their desire for the Jayne Hoodie to come back, for example: “Dear GOD, PLEASE! I NEED a Shiny Jayne Hoodie!!”

Not to worry, as we announced on The Signal Podcast last month, the Jayne Hoodie will return this year and it may not be exactly as you remember…

4) Doctor Who Licensed Products

This question focused in on our Doctor Who license with more proposed product ideas shown in random order. For non-fans there was an “N/A” option here as well. On with the ranking:

  1. Captain Jack Harkness’ Coat
  2. Tenth Doctor’s Brown Suit
  3. Fourth Doctor’s Long Scarf
  4. Rose’s Leather Jacket (from the end of Series 4)
  5. Eleventh Doctor’s Tweed Jacket
  6. Eleventh Doctor’s Bowtie

Captain Jack Harkness was head and shoulders above the competition in this category, even garnering a few passionate (and entertaining) write ins:

  • “OH MY GOD HARKNESS COAT11111oneoneone”
  • “Ahem…If you make a Capt. Jack Coat, I’ll have your baby (which is saying something due to my chromosomal ability to NOT give birth…Smilie: ;)

Meanwhile the upcoming Eleventh Doctor looks like he still has to prove himself to fans (naturally).

There were also some interesting write-in responses to this question:

  • Five votes for the Ninth Doctor’s leather jacket
  • Three votes for Fourth Doctor’s long coat (to go along with the scarf)
  • Two votes for “8th Doctor’s Velvet Frock Coat and Double-Breasted Waistcoat”

5) Final Comments

In this final section we gave respondents a text box where they could write whatever they pleased, and responses were varied:

  • More love for Captain Jack including an interesting note about his coat, as mentioned by a couple of fans: “When doing Capt Jack’s coat, please use the Torchwood coat as the basis – i.e. a coat made from a man-made fabric for those (like John Barrowman) who are allergic to wool.”
  • “A hoodie based on the Assassin’s Creed design would be cool.”
  • More Farscape mentions
  • More Devil May Cry mentions
  • AND finally, lots of inspiring messages of support, for example: “Abbyshot RULES!!! I LOVE your products! Was a fan at the beginning, will be a customer till the end!! Smilie: :D Best wishes/Success in 2010!!!”

Thanks SO much to everyone who took the time to complete the survey, everyone here at AbbyShot always appreciates your feedback.

Speaking of feeback, what do you think of the results above? Do you agree or disagree with what the “survey says”? Is there anything in particular that jumps out at you as a must-have?

Please feel free to leave your Comments below!

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