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Browncoats have been praying to experience another piece of the ‘Verse since they last saw Serenity fly. Now, because of some very devoted fans and awesome sponsors our prayers have been answered.  With an all-new crew and an all-new ship, the fan-made film “Browncoats:  Redemption” is here with a vengeance.  


They recently posted a brand new trailer just to whet your appetite!  There is enough action and drama here to shake a blaster at.


We are very proud to have had a small part of this upcoming fan event.  Our very own Malcolm Reynolds Browncoat was used in the film!  Not all fans were lucky enough to have had a role in the making of “Browncoats: Redemption” but you can still be a real Browncoat of your very own!  

Prove you’re a true independent, become a real Browncoat today!

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