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AbbyShot's Tenth Doctor's CoatThe Tenth Doctor’s Coat has been featured on websites all over the world – now we’re proud to be in the spotlight here at home. Canadian blog UberSciFiGeek recently did a fun Q&A with AbbyShot about our Doctor Who line.

In the article you will find out what inspired the AbbyShot Design Team to create Doctor Who clothing, as well as some teasers about future products. Just to top it all off they have included some exclusive pictures of The Tenth Doctor’s Coat!
AbbyShot's Tenth Doctor's Coat
We answer a lot of questions that I’m sure many fans have been wondering about. Such as, why did we choose to replicate The Martha Jones Jacket?

Or have you ever wondered who our favourite Doctor is? There have been so many intriguing actors in the role, but one stands out in our minds. You’ll have to read the article to find out…

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