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This month’s customer emails are all about Doctor Who. We feature two Doctors and a Martha. Not bad company for her to be in! Smilie: ;) These two Doctors are great examples of how you don’t (necessarily) have to look like David Tennant to look great in his coat! And our Downhome girl Linda certainly does The Martha Jones Companion Jacket proud!

First off we have Ari. What does he love about his Tenth Doctor’s Coat, beside the fact that “It looks really cool in windy conditions?

Dear Abbyshot crew,

Hi! I’ve been the proud owner of a Tenth Doctor Coat for around two weeks now, and I wanted to give you my feedback.

(I wore the coat on the way to my friends’ wedding in NYC on Feb 20.It complimented my suit amazingly well, and walking down the streets of Manhattan in an awesome coat made me feel ten feet tall. Smilie: :-)

First some criticism, then a pile of compliments:

-The inside pockets are perfect. They easily held my iPod and other small items without affecting the line of the coat. On the other hand, the outside pockets are a little on the shallow side, each one was able to hold one glove, without room for much else.

- The coat looks… a little weird when it’s closed. Maybe it’s because I haven’t worn a double-breasted coat before, or maybe I’m getting the buttons wrong, but it just doesn’t look right. That said, I don’t ever remember The Doctor wearing it closed, either. Smilie: :-)

Okay, on to the compliments:

-The coat fits like it was made for me! Most dress clothes that I buy require some tailoring. The coat fits perfectly as-is.

-It’s comfortable, and while I wouldn’t necessarily wear it in the middle of the New England winters I get at home, it’s warm enough to wear in the autumn, late winter or spring. A nice pair of black gloves make for a really good look, too. Smilie: :-)

-I can wear it over a suit (regular or cosplay) or over more dress-casual clothes.

-The lining adds a nice bright accent.

-Friends of mine who aren’t Doctor Who fans have complimented me on the way the coat looks, even without getting the reference. Friends who are fans recognize it immediately.

-It looks really cool in windy conditions. Smilie: :-)

So, kudos to you on an amazingly designed product. Consider me a very
satisfied customer!

Ari Baronofsky
Brookline, MA

Thanks Ari for the great feedback! We find that
If you’ve never worn a double breasted coat before it can certainly look a bit strange at first! With regards to the pockets, there are four pockets on The Tenth Doctor’s Coat, two on the outside and two on the inside that are all standard size. Having extra large pockets is definitely something we will keep in mind though for future designs! Smilie: :)

Secondly, we have a very proud local customer. Linda works for a very popular local magazine called ‘Downhome’. She recently wrote an article on AbbyShot and being a huge Doctor Who fan herself, then decided to purchase The Martha Jones Companion Jacket!

Hi AbbyShot,

Here’s a pic of me in my Martha Jones Jacket with my signature thumbs up (can’t you tell how excited I am?!) Smilie: :)
I’ve already gotten tons of compliments on the jacket. Thanks again!

Linda Browne
Newfoundland, Canada

Our final customer email is from a man who knows what he likes!


I got the Doctor Who coat I ordered from AbbyShot last week and it’s been fantastic.

I tend to be very specific about the kinds of clothes I like and long coats have been something I’ve been hunting for about 3 years in the UK now. Unfortunately because of fashion dictates, I hadn’t been able to find any long ones until I ran into your website.

The coat is just the perfect size and is warm and comfortable. Even without the recent cold-snap, Aberdeen can be a very cold place being on the far north of the UK.

I got a lot of comments from people which were amusing when I went out in my new coat like “mafia”, “cowboy” and “majestic”. Brilliant! Haha.

I have attached a picture for you.

Thanks again.

Have a pleasant day.

Ikani ‘Smiler’
Zaafirah Web and Media Design
Aberdeen, Scotland

Thank you to these three wonderful Doctor Who fans for sending in such marvelous photos! These coats really look great at any time or space.

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