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Final Fantasy inspired Kingdom HoodieThe Kingdom Hoodie is one of AbbyShot’s most popular items. It has the style and sleekness of The Enigma Trench while still providing warmth and comfort. We love the design, but we knew we could make it better! For us, excellent isn’t enough, it has to be perfect!

We altered the fit of the Hoodie overall to make it more flattering. The ribbing at the bottom and on the cuffs is slightly smaller than previous designs, and the thumb holes are more sturdy. We have also used an upgraded fleece. It is warmer and very comfortable.

Kingdom Hoodie based on The Enigma Trench CoatThere is now an “abbyshot” ribbon of twill tape running along the seam where the hood connects to the body. This covers up the stitching nicely and adds a cute detail to the inside.
Kingdom Hoodie New Design
There is now a removable pull tab on the zipper with the AbbyShot logo on it! People will see you are wearing an AbbyShot Design, and they’ll know you have great taste! Smilie: ;)

We hope you like the new Kingdom Hoodie just as much as we do!

Order your very own NEW Kingdom Hoodie for just $75 CAD.

This new design is now available in sizes M, L, XL, and XXL!

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