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This month we bring you some cinematic photos from customers who took their AbbyShot garments out into the world for some new adventures (and have the pictures to prove it!).

First up we have Tim from the UK who you may recognize from the new model photo on the Foxhound Coat Group Buy that started last week!

These awesome shots were taken by photographer James Williams on the beach in Lulworth, Dorset as James recounted in an article about the Foxhound photos on his Too Many Chefs Blog.

Now let’s hear what Tim has to say about his Foxhound Coat:

“I have been back and forth on the AbbyShot website for a few years after finding the original matrix coat. At the time I couldn’t afford one. Things changed when I saw that they maybe making the Foxhound coat that has been worn by such people as Liquid Snake throughout Metal Gear Solid and also turned up at the end of MGS4.

On receiving my garment I was most pleased. The level of quality is higher than some of my tailored suits! It fits very well and is very comfortable, I always get a few comments when I am out and about in it.

Thanks to all the staff at AbbyShot for making some of the best clothing about, I could easily see myself ordering more things off them in the future.”

- Tim, UK

Thanks for the great photos Tim and James! If you’re a fellow MGS fan without a Foxhound Coat yet – be sure to check out our Foxhound Coat Group Buy before May 23rd!

Next we have Tal from the US who suited up in a full Motoko Kusanagi costume, topped off by the leather GIG Shrug of course! Here’s the first e-mail we received from Tal about her shrug:

“Hey just wanted to drop a line and say my jacket arrived last night and it is absolutely gorgeous!!

I cannot wait to wear it with my costume!

- Tal, USA

And not long afterwards, these awesome photos arrived, looking like they came off the set of a live-action Ghost in the Shell film!

Thanks so much to Tim and Tal for the amazing customer photos! We hope to see your photos here next month, so please don’t forget to email them in to us: info[at]abbyshot.com!

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