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In numerous cities all over the world there is a movement afoot to support one of Joss Whedon’s favourite charities, ‘”Equality Now”. This charity supports women’s rights around the world, working together for equality. When you put Serenity and Equality together, along with several other worthwhile charities, you get the spotlight on Can’t Stop the Serenity. This is an annual event which is sponsored in various host cities, at various times, generally between June and September, where fans of Serenity gather to watch the movie and raise money to give to charity. AbbyShot is proud to be a sponsor of CSTS this year, and to mark it in our own way. We have two promotions ongoing….one for the host city sponsors, whereby we give them a good price on their coats and they can sell them at a higher cost and to give the profit to charity. The second promotion allows you to get 10% off of the cost of the coat and it is drop shipped right to your door.

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