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On the eve of our latest Newsletter going to print, we’re happy to send you another snippet of some of the wonderful and imaginative comments which we receive daily from our customers. We are gratified that you take the time to share your joy with us, and it gives us a high knowing that you immediately “get” the feeling we try to impart with our products.

Here are a couple of pictures and a posting from fellow Canadian Jonno, one of our latest fans being transformed into the Tenth Doctor.

The first moment Ethan (owner of Elfsar comics) told me about the Doctor Who coat, I just looked him dead in the eye and told him “PUT IT ON ORDER!” Not long ago, I got a call telling me my coat was in. I ran out of the house in a suit!

When I got in the store and paid my remaining fee, I took it out of the bag and went all Doctor Who! Honestly without a doubt, no Doctor Who fan can go without this coat. This coat literally makes you want to run around yelling “DALEKS!” Ha ha. But the detail and craftsmanship that went into this coat is unbelievably great!

Honestly I have been wanting this coat for ages and now that I have it, I just want to spread the word, AbbyShot did such a great job on the coat. This is a must for all Doctor Who fans. I give it a 10/10 for greatness! Great job AbbyShot.”

Thanks, Jonno! I am sure the Daleks won’t want to mess with you!

Ferdinand (from the USA) contacted us as well when he received his Doctor Who coat:

“Why yes, I did indeed get my super awesome unbelievable new coat. Wore it the instant I opened the box. I can’t keep saying it enough, but you guys at AbbyShot do absolutely brilliant work. It fits perfectly and I actually couldn’t stop myself from running around in it (literally!)…Please send all my thanks and praise to everyone there including a very cool person who kept in amazing communication with me throughout the purchasing process. Oh! And a great deal of congratulations on winning the clothier award. It couldn’t have gone to a more deserving group of people…Allons-y!!”
We thank you, Ferdinand for the heaps of praise and we are pretty proud of the Innovation award ourselves! However, none of these things would be possible without the wonderful customers we have.

Due to the longevity of our products, we strive that much harder to make sure that you continue to have an awesome experience with AbbyShot that takes you from the time you first contact us, well past the time you receive your order. Hearing back from you is of paramount importance and helps us keep that drive going forward. So, thank you to all who have helped us to keep improving upon our standards of excellence, and keep those pictures and emails coming!

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