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We had a surprise visit at AbbyShot on Friday, which was very well-received and highly enjoyed by the staff. We thought we’d share with you the mysterious events that occurred…

Three people walked into our office Friday afternoon, but something was different than usual fitting visits…one of them was blindfolded! The other two were trying to keep it on the down-low, not letting their friend know where he was or what he was doing, so we obliged!

 His friends wanted to buy him a Tenth Doctor’s Coat as a going-away present, since he would be away attending school in Ontario for two years. Needless to say we got him into the coat and he looked rather dapper (if a bit confused). I guess you could say it was like the Doctor after a successful regeneration!

Or in this photo, like a Companion’s confusion when they first look inside the TARDIS! We couldn’t resist trying our OTHER Doctor Who garment on our unsuspecting new friend! Yes, while he does look rather nice in the Martha Jones Companion Jacket, his friends ended up getting him the Tenth Doctor’s Coat for his gift. Smilie: ;)

It was an unexpected visit that was certainly appreciated by all the staff at AbbyShot. Thanks for letting us take a great AbbyShot moment and share it with the world!

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