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Greetings AbbyShotters! Today we’re about to tread some new territory with a series of articles for the summer. You look to us for the coolest in screen-accurate clothing, and now you can hear what we have to say about what our favorite characters are wearing with our new article “Fiction Fashion Friday”! Every Friday we’ll take a character from a movie, TV show, video game or anime and feature our detailed analysis of their fashions! We’re talking about what makes these awesome designs stand out, what’s realistic, what’s not, and anything else that may spring to mind! Our premiere post is a two-parter. This week and next, we’re taking a look at…

Dante from Devil May Cry: Demon hunter and wearer of awesome long trench coats.

Dante, the leading man from the Devil May Cry series by Capcom! Originally planned as a sequel to Resident Evil, the first Devil May Cry was deemed too different from its predecessors and was turned into its own game. The genre of the series is hack and slash, focusing on stylish action and keeping your opponents on the ropes! Dante is a half-demon, born of a human mother and the legendary demon Sparda. He slays demons for a living, running the eponymous Devil May Cry bounty-hunting business. Confident and competitive, Dante revels in his work, often times insulting and taunting his enemies as he slices and shoots his way to the ultimate goal: avenging his mother’s death at the hands of demons.

One immediately noticeable element to us about Dante’s costumes is, of course, his red trench coat! Dante’s appearances consistently have his trademark red coat, though it does change from game to game, and each design is very unique. We can’t deny that the coat, his stark white hair, and his shining blue eyes make one cool looking anti-hero!

Dante from Devil May Cry 1

In the first Devil May Cry game, Dante wears what seems to be a double-breasted trench coat made of red leather. The shoulders are pronounced, but not padded. The sleeves are hard to quantify. From our analysis, it seems the coat’s sleeves are regular length with black patches on the elbows, but are rolled up just below his elbow. In some of the art and CG, the sleeves point upward or off the coat, which would be explained by a slit in the sleeves that could be buttoned up or closed. There isn’t a visible way to close the coat from looking at the CG, but from the art we can assume it closes via a single waist-belt at the very least. The design is a bit more ambiguous than other coats, but still looks stylish while demon-slaying!

Dante from Devil May Cry1, Alternate Angle

Underneath the coat he wears a long-sleeved black muscle shirt with a red buckled vest. On his lower half, red pants which are tucked into a pair of long black boots. The pants have two belts on the upper part of his right thigh. On his hand, a thin pair of black gloves (perfect for dexterity and comfort!). This design is Dante’s classic outfit, which makes something of a comeback in Devil May Cry 4: Fully redesigned for the current generation of video game consoles.

Dante from Devil May Cry 2

Devil May Cry 2 saw a change to Dante’s design. Looking a bit older and darker than his first design, he was also a bit more slender. In this game, Dante sports a new red long coat in a cloth fabric, with a leather vest on the front of the coat in either a very dark brown or black. The coat has a zipper which goes from the upper part of his waist to the top of his chest. The collar is part of the vest segment of the coat and has buckles that would presumably bring the collar together around the neck, or possibly higher around the mouth/chin area. Wrapped around his chest is a stylized leather strap, presumably for use as a sword holster.  The lower part of the coat comes a few inches from the center of the vest and flows from there, with a V-cut in the tail of the coat. The design is very stylish and very cool, looking awesome while flowing in the wind like the picture below!

Dante from Devil May Cry 2 - Alternate AngleUnder the coattails we see that his pants are still similar to his first design, but with one belt wrapped around each thigh, tucked into a pair of tall leather boots. The sleeves of the coat are form-fitting and lead into black leather gauntlets. The thing to notice about the design is how smooth it is compared to his first design, contrasting with Dante’s gaunter and sharper looking facial features in the second game. While it is certainly an awesome looking outfit, the coat isn’t as practical as his design from the first game (despite the former not having apparent buttons). The DMC2 coat doesn’t cover his legs and while the coat looks works for eliminating evil, it might not stand up to the elements we face in everyday life! Smilie: ;)

That concludes the first part of our look at Dante’s outfits in Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 2. Next week, we’ll take an in-depth look at the son of Sparda’s outfits in Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening and his most recent appearance in Devil May Cry 4. Feel free to give us a suggestion for future articles by email, Facebook, Twitter, or commenting on the blog! We love to hear from the fans, and we know you guys have all sorts of cool ideas! If you’re interested in one of Dante’s many coats as a future product be sure to suggest it on the website, and if you have any other thoughts on Dante’s wears, be sure to add your insight in the comments below!

See you next week!
The AbbyShot Team

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