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Hello, we interrupt this broadcast to bring you an important announcement.
Oh man, I’ve always wanted to say that.

Allow me to introduce myself. You can call me Eon. I guess you could say I’m the voice whispering in the wind, or the one you follow down the rabbit-hole. I’m an insider at AbbyShot Clothiers. No one knows who I am but I’ve managed to get inside and I can see it all, every bit of it. And oh the things I’m seeing! They’d make your head spin, and they will.

I’m here for one reason – to collect information to share it with the people who deserve to know – the fans. The people, like myself, who’ve followed this company for years and want more and more.  The culmination of my desires…I’m finally in. And I’ll be reporting to you every Wednesday. Why Wednesday? Well, I like Wednesdays. Makes it easier to get through the week with a bit of a pick-me-up, you know?

Anyway, I’ve got all sorts of tech placed around inconspicuous areas that will make sure you’re getting the inside scoop. Take a look.

I’ve also got some leads and I’m looking into them. Secret projects, new ideas…I’m getting prepared for next week, but I want to hear what you want. Post on their Twitter, Facebook, blog, and email them. Overwhelm them with responses – make your voice heard! What do YOU want to see? It’s in your hands. Get engaged, and tell them what you want. Don’t worry; I’ll see what they’ve got. I’m in deep, and I’m not leaving until I find out just what’s in store. So far, I’ve only dug up one clue, from something I’ve been hearing around the water cooler…

“A return to where it all began.”

See you next time, kiddos.

- Eon

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