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Fiction Fashion Friday – Dante, Part 2

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 *FEB-2011 UPDATE: Fans, the Dante Coat inspired by DMC4 is becoming a reality! More info and photos on the blog here!*

Hey guys, it’s Friday, and we’re back with another fantastic edition of Fiction Fashion Friday! This week we’re continuing our coverage on Dante from Devil May Cry, this time with his designs in Devil May Cry 3 and Devil May Cry 4. We’ve been thinking though – Fiction Fashion Friday, while full of alliteration-y goodness, is kind of a mouthful…So we’re thinking while it’s still Fiction Fashion Friday, we’ll shorten it a bit. We’ve been throwing a term around the offices here and we’ve decided we’re calling it FicFashFri for short, and you can too! Smilie: :)

There’s a distinct difference in the Son of Sparda’s look in the third game – we see a younger Dante who has just opened his bounty-hunting operation, and is even more brash and reckless than in the first game! Devil May Cry 3 – Dante’s Awakening is a prequel to the first two games, and a younger hot-blooded Dante obviously needs an outfit to go with his fiery personality! Dante’s standard red trench coat is a lot more intricate in this game; the coat is made of full red leather, with a v-cut in the tail of the coat like his Devil May Cry 2 design.

On his shoulders, back and chest is a leather harness which is either built into the coat, or might be a removable element – the strap that comes across his chest is actually part of the holster upon closer inspection! You can see that the harness actually enters the coat if you look intently. It took us a while to pick that out! The buckles on the left side hint that the harness indeed removable. The left strap is a little different from the right strap, sporting some cool looking metal studs! On the back strap hang two holsters for his pistols Ebony and Ivory. The front of the coat features two sets of zippers. The inner zipper would hypothetically zip up and leave a portion of the chest uncovered, while the outer zipper would lead up to the collar. The collar closes via snap buttons, and with two tightness settings. The sleeves are horizontally ribbed around the deltoids (upper arm, near the shoulder) and on the elbow, though Dante’s right sleeve is torn off or rolled up (it’s represented differently in certain art). The section of the coat just under his holster is vertically ribbed, which ends at the waist of the coat. Dante leaves the belt hanging, but it most certainly can be done up with the very stylish belt buckle.
On his hands he wears black fingerless gloves with vents on the knuckles and back of the hand. Underneath the coat, a pair of leather pants are tucked into a pair of motorcycle boots, half-zipped and fully buckled. The pants use an interesting design which changes near the knees, seamed horizontally instead of vertically. It kind of reminds us of those pants that can turn into shorts (remember those?) …but anyway! The coat is a truly great design, super stylish and by all means, it looks like it’s a pretty functional coat! The only thing that’s missing is pockets. Maybe there are some pockets on the inside of the coat? We certainly don’t know, but it’s always good to speculate!
Dante takes a backseat as the main character in Devil May Cry 4, giving the spotlight to Nero for the first half of the game. However, this article’s about Dante and it’s Dante we’re looking at (maybe Nero another time)! Trading in the younger design from the prequel, this time Dante looks a bit more grizzled and older than his previous incarnations, with a bit of stubble tracing his jaw.
His new trench coat is absolutely gorgeous, taking design elements from his first and third designs and meshing them together in one amazing coat! Immediately we can see that the texture of the coat is similar to DMC3, using a somewhat ribbed design, with the seams being more ‘western’ in feel. A ridged design that wouldn’t go entirely wrong on a Texan garment works its way from his chest, under his arms, coming to a downward-point on the back of the coat. His shoulders are covered with suede and look removable given the golden buttons on his sleeves, chest, and back. His sleeves are more obvious than his first design – you can see an undone zipper where the full sleeves would zip up, meaning he simply has his sleeves folded. How long they are is up to debate, but we’re going to say that they are probably the full length of his arm. The coat zips up from the pelvic area to the collar of the coat, and the coat’s tail doesn’t have a v-cut this time around.
Underneath the coat, Dante’s new vest is a zipper vest with three sets of buckles as well. The vest could zip up full way, but who in fiction would do that?! Topping off the lower half of his body is a belt with a very intricate belt buckle that looks like a stylized skull. Dante wears a pair of red pants or jeans under some black leather chaps with a brown western design from the knee down. The western design uses the same Texan aesthetic that seems to flow through his whole costume, but this time it’s an intricate wing design. All in all, a very wearable and super-cool outfit that looks just as good sword-slinging, gun-slinging, or slinging anything really (well, other than French fries at the local burger shack), it’s slinging compatible! But jeez, all that leather…doesn’t he get hot in that? Well, he’s not wearing any armour, so awesome leather clothing will just have to do!
Thanks for reading FicFashFri! We hope you’re enjoying this new summer feature on our blog, and tune in next week for a look at another fictional character’s style. Who’s next? Well, that’s a secret… Smilie: ;) Comment in the blog, on Facebook, or tweet us on Twitter to tell us who YOU would like to see next Fiction Fashion Friday! It’s all about you, so send us a message!
Have a great weekend!
The AbbyShot Team

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