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Kingdom Hearts is one of our favourite series here at AbbyShot, and we’re excited for two of the newest releases coming out for the PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. Diehard Kingdom Hearts fans are going to dig right into these games knowing what they’re getting into. For more casual fans getting into the series, however, it’s easy to get lost in the confusion. AbbyShot is here to help! Of course, this handy guide will be spoiler free.
The North American box-art for Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep comes out for the PSP on September 7 this year, and chronologically it takes place 10 years before the first Kingdom Hearts game. The game follows three apprentice Keyblade-wielders named Terra, Ventus, and Aqua, who are sent by their teacher Master Eraqus to find a missing Keyblade Master named Xehanort. During their quest, they will head to locations not previously seen in Kingdom Hearts games, such as the worlds Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty live upon. Among the mysteries generated by this title, Ventus is the primary one – he looks just like Roxas, a character featured in several Kingdom Hearts games! These mysteries and more will be addressed in this particular game. Tetsuya Nomura, the game’s director, has gone on record stating that Birth By Sleep is “Episode 0” of the franchise, and is as important to the whole franchise as a main entry in the series (much like “The Hobbit” for the “Lord of the Rings” series).
The original logo for Kingdom Hearts coded
 While Birth By Sleep is a prequel, Kingdom Hearts Re:coded is a game that will bridge the gap between Kingdom Hearts II and the eventual sequel Kingdom Hearts III. Taking place shortly after Kingdom Hearts II, King Mickey finds a mysterious entry in Jiminy Cricket’s Journal (Jiminy catalogues everything that happens in Kingdom Hearts I and II) not written by Jiminy. In order to find out what the message means, Mickey digitizes the journal and awakens a digital version of Sora, who sets off in the data-created world to figure out what the message means. Oddly enough, this is not a new title in the series. In fact, it was originally released as a mobile phone game called Kingdom Hearts coded in Japan. Mobile phone games are very popular in Japan, but not so much elsewhere, so the game was never released outside of its origin country. Similar to Re: Chain of Memories, Re:coded is a remake of coded, but will be released on the Nintendo DS. The Japanese release date for Re:coded is October 7 this year, with the European and US releases to be announced.
 We hope this little guide helped clear up any KH-confusion! We recommend playing through the first two Kingdom Hearts games if you can to get oriented. The series has a complex plot which is built on consistently with each new entry, and needless to say it’s a little overwhelming at first! That’s why we’re such huge fans of the series: not only does it LOOK great (the Kingdom Hoodie we have on sale is a testament to that!) but it also tells a great story. Keep an eye out for these games coming soon!
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