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July has been a very busy, strange, and exciting month at AbbyShot. Among all the odd occurrences and cool stuff happening (read this month’s blog posts to see for yourself!), we’ve received many emails from all of you and we’re always so happy to read them! You guys make us smile every time we read a new email or review, and all we can ask of you is to share those moments with everyone. You infuse passion into everything you do, and because of that the world is a little better for it! Enjoy yourselves, get out there, and share your stories!
Our first e-mail is from Shawn in the US, who just recently picked up his FOURTH AbbyShot coat! If there’s a fan of ours, it’s Shawn! Shawn sports his red Stampede Duster in the best way possible – outdoing the Human Typhoon at looking cool!

Here’s his review:

“A true Anime classic come to life 
Being my fourth AbbyShot jacket I have to say even though I own this jacket in the black leather version there is something about it that makes it just a little bit better. I guess because it is a true remake of an Animated garment and I just love it.
I had been wanting this jacket since it was first introduced back in 2004 and I will hopefully be ordering it in the black version as well. If you have any hesitation about ordering this jacket, DON’T! It is brilliant in every way from the large collar to the brilliant fabric they use to make this as accurate as possible.
I would caution that this is still a very large and warm fully lined jacket that is extremely bright in day light, they will see that the humanoid typhoon is alive and kicking!
Thanks AbbyShot, you guys are the best in the business.
Customer for Life,
United States”
Thank you for the extremely kind words, Shawn! We’re glad you’re enjoying the Stampede Duster, and we look forward to seeing more emails from you in the future. Smilie: :)
We also received an email from one Mr. Todd DeSatio this month, who ordered a Jenova Trench. He emailed us this interesting photo with simply a tagline: Partying like it’s 1930!
Of course we had to ask him for further details! This is a totally different take on this gothic coat. Here’s what Todd said in his reply:
“This was at our annual Casino night. This year the theme was 1930’s gangsters. But I could even wear this coat next year when the theme will probably be Pirates! Just need to get the right hat and some seaworthy boots.”
Glad to hear it! The Jenova Trench is as cool looking as it is a versatile coat for any event. It’ll look just as cool in a seafaring pirate costume as it does in your gangster outfit! The fact that it can be the centerpiece of a costume or a wearable everyday trench coat makes it a wonderful and useful garment!
Our last “email” isn’t really an email, but rather one of our Map Your ‘Shot customers. Karo from South Carolina is really diggin’ his Enigma. You can’t help but look ice cold and mysterious in the Enigma or the Kingdom Hoodie. Smilie: ;) Here’s what he had to say:
“I absolutely love the Enigma. I looks superb and better than I even expected.”
Thank you all for your emails this month! To all the fans getting their AbbyShot apparel, be sure to email us with your thoughts and feelings, and be sure to Map Your ‘Shot to show the world where you’re rockin’ your sweet new clothing!
Have a great day!
The AbbyShot Team

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