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>Launch ICE.pkg
>LOGIN: harktheherald
>PASS: ********

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I return.

I told you I’d be back. You might block the rabbit-hole, but if it’s truly the gateway there…does it not obey the rules of Wonderland? Topsy turvy. Well, Happy Unbirthday to us then. I’ve got a nice surprise in store for you, perhaps we should just get started then?
I’ve been digging around AbbyShot HQ, and I’ve noticed a couple of things. Number one is that they are very thorough. If I didn’t have the degree of expertise I do, I would surely be caught. The second thing I’ve noticed is that the ideas are here, constantly flowing around us. Evaluation, re-evaluation, samples, trials…They do their work, and they do it thoroughly. Third thing? Locks. On. Everything. Wait long enough though, and someone slips up. Very human, really. So I stumble upon this conspicuously labeled folder. Almost bait, really, but I’m too good for that.

So I pick it up, and something immediately slides its way out of the folder. It looks like a swatch of fabric.

I take it out, lay it on my hand…

I remove a glove from my right hand and feel the fabric. It’s soft. Seems to be a light wool fabric…

I take it out. Attached is a card that says something. But an AbbyShot business card is attached to that, covering the message! I go to take it off and suddenly I hear a noise, steps approaching at a moderate pace. I immediately take a picture for good reference.

I snap a quick close-up shot as well, just to give the fans a better idea.

Overcome with a sense of urgency, I deposit the fabric back into the folder and make my way out of the room. My escape was successful, as usual.

Another piece of the puzzle. I can’t quite put it all together, the ideas flowing freely in this place almost seem to clear the mind, drown out your own thoughts. In a good way, though, most definitely in a good way. All in all, we have seen a swatch of fabric for a new coat. Given the things I’ve been hearing around the water cooler, might this be a part of the “return to where it all began” I told you about last week? What do you think? Cry it out, shout it out, make your voice heard – what do you want me to investigate? Either way, we’ll see how deep the rabbit-hole goes…

My time is expiring, the ICE can only hold for so long. Trust me, I’ll be back. I’ll keep an eye on what you’re saying, and follow whatever suggestions you might have. Post on AbbyShot’s Twitter, Facebook, Blog…just make yourself heard and I’ll hear you. Trust me.

Goodbye for now.

- Eon

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