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Fiction Fashion Friday – Selene

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Good day, AbbyShotters! It’s that time of week again…Time for Fiction Fashion Friday! This week, we took a look at the movie shelf and thought “what haven’t we seen in a while?” One case kind of stood out, and we figured we’d give it another watch, and needless to say…it’s one of our favourites! This FicFashFri, we’re going to have an interlude with a vampire, none other than Selene from Underworld!

Selene crouched, looking over the city.

Ready for action

To say Selene’s outfit is cool is an understatement – it’s the dream of a vampire ice queen! Definitely built for battle, Selene wears a PVC bodysuit with some interesting elements to it – the main element being the “corset” built right into the suit. The corset is a very beautiful leather garment with a Celtic pattern which winds its way from the waist area up to the chest, widening as it goes upward. Three belts serve to possibly tighten the outfit for better fit. The corset is vertically ribbed out from the Celtic pattern, with horizontal ribs near the bottom of the corset for two rows. The bodysuit zips from the pelvic area up to the collar. The collar belts together to fit snugly around the neck. From below the elbow and down to the wrist, the smooth black bodysuit gives way to a pair of leather armlets with a similar ribbed design to the corset. On the first pass, we couldn’t very well tell if the armlets are a part of the suit, but some sources seem to indicate that they’re zip-on. Her holsters are strapped to her thighs, and her boots are a pair of knee-high combat boots with seven belts and pump-like heels ready to kick some butt! This is a very combat girl outfit, and given how tight it might be, how does she do what she does?! Selene looks good doing it however in this bombshell outfit, which was featured in both Underworld and Underworld Evolution.

The Celtic pattern is unique to promotional materials, it seems.
No pattern, but a better
look at the seams

Now, we’ve kept you waiting long enough, so let’s get down to business and talk about Selene’s trench coat! In actual fact, one could even say she has two coats! On the cover of Underworld and some promotional materials, Selene’s coat has a unique Celtic design all over the coat, with a particular “bat”-looking pattern on the back and collar. However, in the movie, her trench coat is simply a cool-looking black long coat with no Celtic pattern. It’s a very basic black coat made of leather, with two vertical seams going down the entire length on both front and back, from the turn-over collar to the bottom of the coat. A horizontal seam around the waist joins the lower and upper halves of the coat. We don’t know exactly how the coat is closed, but we can assume since there are no obvious snaps or button holes that it zips up. It’s a very minimalist design, but very fashionable and good for laying the smack-down on werewolves. Sadly, this coat is only featured in the first movie.

A closer look at the collar of her bodysuit and coat.

Thanks for reading FicFashFri! We look to the fans to help us pick apart designs, so if you find anything you would like to comment on, let us know on Facebook, Twitter, the blog itself or by email. You guys are the number one experts on the subject!

We hope you enjoyed our review of Selene’s outfit from Underworld, and let us finish off by saying that this is one outfit that doesn’t bite! Smilie: ;)

Have a great weekend!
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