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Summer is in high swing for convention season, as San Diego Comic-Con blew fans away in July. With more conventions happening every week, it’s a good season to be a fan of any popular franchise. This has us inspired to look at your fervor for fandom and, and so AbbyShot is proud to announce the Summer CON-Test 2 with TWO brackets: home-made costumes and AbbyShot gear!  We want you to go to a fan convention somewhere this summer, wearing either a handmade costume or some AbbyShot gear, and have someone take your picture.  Do you already have a shot from a convention this year?  If so, then submit that one, or a new one.  You can even submit one for each bracket, if you like! The winner of each bracket takes home $50 dollars in AbbyCash off any product priced over $150!

Jay, a finalist in a Squall Jacket from last year’s CON-test

 Here is a brief description of each bracket:

AbbyShot Bracket
This bracket is, of course, you in your AbbyShot gear! Send us the best picture of yourself rockin’ one of our coats or jackets and you could win!

Home-made Bracket
This bracket involves costumes made by you! We want to see your best home-made costume at a con, the best picture you can muster!

Dana as the Major for last year’s CON-test

How will this work? We’ll have you decide the winner! Starting in September, fans will vote on which photo they think is the best, and whoever gets the most votes at the end of the contest wins! When submitting a photo, please tell us what media your costume is from, what character it is, and any other necessary details to fill in fans who might not know! This will help us as much as it helps you! Entries will be accepted until Sunday, September 12, 2010, the weekend after the last major con of this con season, Dragon*Con. The  voting will begin shortly thereafter!

Dominic’s entry last year in our CON-test

The big rule is to keep it PG, so that means no gestures, poses, or costumes of a very provocative nature. You can be any age to participate, though anyone 13 or under will need to have their legal guardian’s permission. The photo must be of your own costume and not someone else. Any and all photos submitted will first be judged by AbbyShot on their content, however you guys know what to do and how to do it, so get to it! It’s all in wholesome fun, and we look forward to seeing what kinds of awesome pics you guys have snapped this summer! Smilie: :) 

EDIT: We apologize for not being clear about how to enter! If you wish to submit your entries, the best methods are either: via email (to “info[at]abbyshot.com”Smilie: ;) or upload through our Map Your ‘Shot Page! Just be sure to say you’re submitting your photo for the Summer CON-test. If you prefer to submit via Facebook or Twitter, please do, but provide us an email address in a direct message or email to confirm your entry. 

Have fun!
The AbbyShot Team

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