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Guess who?
Boy, they’re a clever bunch. I’m actually finding this rather fun. The people here are just as good at their attempts to find out my identity as they are at making their apparel. I commend them, truly! They might not be able to stop the flow, but it’s for the benefit of the fans…the company seems to like my goal, but they do not like my methods. True, I’ll admit I’d rather go public with the whole thing, but that’s just not possible at this point. I’m at the point of no return, and to be honest…I like the edge. Plus I get to hang out around cool coats all day and even try them on. What’s not to like about this place?

They’ve even been listening to me…well, to some extent. I’ve been making my own ideas known. I have a fondness for gloves, as you might tell from my photos. When doing this work, I hardly ever take them off (the fabric was an exception). Of course, I don’t wear them while TYPING or anything, I’m not Strong Bad. Anyway, on with the show.

There’s a bulletin board here at AbbyShot where we post all of our ideas. I don’t want to risk too much, so I won’t post the entire board. Just my little slice of it. I managed to get in without anyone seeing me and I planted a picture on the board of a particular character’s gloves…

See, I’ve always had a fondness for that glove design. The little finger, pointer finger, and thumb are removed. Not quite a full set of fingerless gloves. More along the lines of a pair of shooting gloves, what with the trigger finger missing. For this guy, it was a means of touch – something he needed to do often in order to complete his missions. I noticed something else however – his gloves aren’t entirely unique. In haste today I took a picture of a figure at work that we’ve used for reference before.

For this one it was a post-apocalyptic style. Definitely a shooting glove for this guy. I guess you take what you can get in the wasteland, but that still doesn’t stop it from being a rather unique design. Regardless, I’ve been overhearing the staff talking about it…and they think it’s a good idea. I want to see what you think, however. What do you think of this set of gloves? The team here seems to be experimenting with different designs here and there, but this iconic design seems to stand out, and they seem to want to do it…Would you like a pair of these? Let me know on their Facebook, Twitter, blog, and email. I’ll see it. Let’s see if we can get these made – a true example of the power and influence of fans.

Until next time.

- Eon

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