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It’s the best day of the week, and we’re back with another fabulous edition of Fiction Fashion Friday! Y’know, we really enjoy writing these articles for you, and we’re glad to share them with the community as a whole. We’d just like to say thank you to the people who are commenting and replying. Remember, if you like any of the stuff we mention on here, be sure to get the message to us! We’re always listening. Smilie: :)


This week, we’ve got a double-dose of killer awesome – please put your hands together for Altaïr and Ezio from the Assassin’s Creed franchise! Don’t hold your applause, clap in front of your monitor right now! Smilie: :D Woo! Anyway, on with the show!

Altaïr ibn La-Ahad, Desmond Miles’
earliest known ancestor

Altaïr’s outfit has become an iconic design since the release of the first Assassin’s Creed in 2008. It’s a truly unique design, as most assassins in fiction generally wear dark colours to blend into the shadows. However, the Assassins in Assassin’s Creed hide amongst the crowd, using a white colour to blend.

Altaïr wears what seems to be a robe or a tabard over a long-sleeved shirt, but let’s start with the iconic Assassin’s hood: this hood is somewhat different in the aesthetic it seeks to display. The name “Altaïr” means “eagle”, and this is the primary basis for the hood. The “tip” or “beak” of this hood represents this aesthetic. Two perpendicular seams run their way from the tip down to the lower head where they join, forming one seam which travels down to the center of his back, ending at the rear point of the cowl. This cowl goes around his shoulders where it meets in a similar point at the front. The cowl may or may not be stitched into the robe or sleeves of the outfit, it may in fact be removable. The robe has one seam down the middle, though where it ends we can only guess given Altaïr’s large leather belt. However, what we do know is that this does part somewhere and gives way to the bottom of the robe, parting in the front. The garment also splits on the sides near Altaïr’s legs, making it easy to move in. The red sash under the leather belt contrasts well against the white and brown of the outfit. Underneath the robe Altaïr seems to be wearing a long-sleeved, mottled white shirt. Over the right sleeve he wears a belted leather armlet, and on the left a modified version of this armlet which has metal plates and contains his hidden blade. He also wears a brown leather glove with studs on the knuckles, but it could also be a part of the armlet (thus making it a gauntlet). He also wears a pair of grey pants, and a pair of soft-looking leather boots for use in his free-running.

Ezio, the second known ancestor to Desmond Miles
and member of the Auditore family.

Ezio’s outfit is a sharp contrast to Altaïr’s, but retains the familiar elements of the Assassin order. This design is more in tune with the grand flair of Renaissance Italy. While it still retains the bright white, the outfit has a lot more colour. Oddly, this design doesn’t stand out in the crowd as you would think – the citizens of Italy are MORE brightly-coloured, so Ezio blends in perfectly. Of course, Ezio can change outfits in the game to better suit the player’s style and upgrade his armour, but we’ll be looking at his most common outfit in the game’s art, inherited from his father Giovanni Auditore.

Immediately noticeable about the outfit is the hooded doublet or coat that Ezio wears. In fact, it seems that he might also be wearing a surcoat underneath. The hood is much more flared than Altaïr’s, but still retains the eagle design. In fact, Ezio’s hood is much more reminiscent of the eagle it evokes, with a sharper curve than Altaïr’s more rounded hood. The collar of the surcoat flares upward, with the red and gold lapels flaring outward just underneath (almost making a second collar in some instances). The white overcoat is decorated with a textured red trim with a ruffled edge. A similar red trim without the ruffle is present on his shoulder, which is a smaller version of those iconic shoulders you see in Renaissance clothing. The tails of the coat are layered, the overcoat ending first, the undercoat ending second, with the cape trailing last. It’s hard to tell from the angles we’ve viewed it from. On his shoulder and chest Ezio wears a piece of leather armor which also has a cape. The cape drapes across his back and over his arm, the basic cape in the game is brown with a red interior. Across his stomach, he wears a red sash, belted on with a very intricate and gorgeous belt buckle modeled after the symbol of the Assassins. Under the coats, Ezio wears a silk white shirt with large sleeves. On the left sleeve, much like Altair, is the armlet which houses the hidden blade. The hidden blade here is more of a clockwork device strapped into the armlet with belts. There is a stylized armour plating which is different from Altaïr’s…it almost seems less functional as a guard. However, unlike Altaïr, Ezio’s right sleeve does not have an armlet. Instead, he has a leather gauntlet or glove. He houses a hidden blade on the right arm as well, but it is hidden in his sleeve. On his legs he wears a pair of brown slacks tucked into a pair of very stylish patterned knee-high boots.

Well that’s it for FicFashFri this week. We hope you enjoyed our analysis of these Assassin fashions! If you have any comments, suggestions, or your own analyses or ideas to offer, feel free to comment on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, leave a message on the blog, or email us at info@abbyshot.com!

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