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Well, we did it guys! We’re in showbiz! Well…sort of! Recently an emergency casting call was put out for a scene in the TV show Republic of Doyle, and we were all too eager to throw on our summer-friendly AbbyShot gear and head out into the sun for a bit of “extra” work!

For those of you who don’t know, Republic of Doyle is a detective comedy-drama series that airs on CBC Television across Canada. It recently got renewed for a second season, the first season having done extremely well all across the country! The show is set in our home province of Newfoundland, and follows Jake Doyle (Allan Hawco), a private investigator working with his father, Malachy (Seán McGinley) out of their home in St. John’s. Together, they get hired, get into trouble, get out of trouble, and manage to solve the case every time, though not always how they would have liked to!

We can’t say much about the particulars of the scene, but we can tell you that it was a crowd scene set in Bannerman Park in St. John’s in front of a stage. Needless to say, it was pretty intense, as we had to do a little stunt work for a key scene!

It was an exciting time, as you can see from AbbyShot team members Mark and Justin’s shining faces! Smilie: :)

Of course, the astute AbbyShot fan would notice that Mark is wearing his Vereen Jacket, while Justin opted for his Kingdom Hoodie. It was a bit warm out, but we were feeling pretty cool anyway. Smilie: ;)

On the way out we saw Jake’s awesome car from the show, an original Pontiac GTO!

Needless to say the photo op took immediate precedence and we had to snap a couple of pics.

Overall, we had a fantastic time as extras, and you might be able to find us AND our AbbyShot gear in the crowd in Season Two, Episode Three of Republic of Doyle! Smilie: ;)

Take it easy!
The AbbyShot Detective Agency

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