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What are you doing this Friday? Well, we hope it includes a bit of FicFashFri! Comin’ at you again this week, we’ve got a little bit of a change to the format. We’re not going to spend too long discussing the whole outfit. Instead, we’re going to concentrate on the main attraction – the jacket! On today’s edition of Fiction Fashion Friday we’ve got Dean Winchester from the hit CW show Supernatural!

For those of you who don’t know, Supernatural is a TV show that follows Sam and Dean Winchester, two young men destined to follow in their father’s footsteps and hunt paranormal and demonic threats. Now we know Supernatural has a particularly strong following (we’re looking at you, fangirls! ;D) so we’re glad to be reviewing Dean’s cool leather jacket, one of the more iconic coats he wears in the show.

Dean’s car coat is super stylish with a box-cut design to it. It doesn’t have a belt like some car coats, but given Dean’s “shoot first, ask questions later” demeanor, we figure it would cramp his style. Plus it’d probably get hooked on something and that would literally “bite” given the creatures they face. The coat is pretty run-down and ragged given Dean’s career as a hunter of all things paranormal, but it still looks cool. The deep brown seems like a coat that’s aged for years, and there’s always something about a worn design that looks just as gruff as it does comfortable.

The coat uses very large pieces of leather, which results in a very smooth front – somewhat unusual for a box-cut jacket like this. The t-shaped seams on the back hold most of the coat together, while the seams near the sleeves separate the front and back sections. The collar is also attached to the coat via a seam. The pockets are diagonal, and seem fairly comfortable to keep one’s hands in, since Dean seems to do this a lot! Probably keeps the keys to the Impala and a bottle of holy water in the jacket – because he never knows who’s possessed!

The five button coat (Dean seems to only have 4 in some scenes: does he have one magical button?) can do right up to the collar, but we think it looks a lot better open, don’t you? Under the jacket Dean usually wears a t-shirt, an optional button shirt and some jeans. So next time you need to hunt down a vampire, demon, or ghost, you know what to wear! Use the KISS method – keep it simple, slayer! ;D

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Happy hunting!
The AbbyShot Team

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