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Hey folks! It’s the middle of the month, and we’re still moseying on! Meanwhile, many things are moving here at AbbyShot HQ, but this month it’s all about Martha! Today, in celebration of our official Martha Jones Companion Jacket sale, we’re looking at our top five Martha Jones moments from Doctor Who! Take a look, but be warned! Here be spoilers! Smilie: ;)

5. The “Genetic Transfer”

A very memorable moment, what really made us grin in the Series 3 premiere “Smith and Jones” was the Doctor initiating a “genetic transfer” with Martha, using her to stall the Judoon by leaving traces of non-human DNA on her. How did the Doctor do this? By kissing her, leaving her flabbergasted and blushing! This may be the very moment she fell in love with the Doctor, though it was her dedication, intelligence, and caring personality that really sold the Doctor on making her a full-fledged companion!

4. Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

The Doctor Who interpretation of Shakespeare as a womanizing genius was certainly a different portrayal. He immediately displayed an infatuation with Martha (including a few, shall we say “politically incorrect” flirtations!), however, she proved herself independent and strong of will in an age before equal rights. At the end of the episode after the Big Bads of that particular episode have been defeated, William Shakespeare begins performing a famous “Dark Lady” sonnet for Martha, hinting that he came up with it because of her! It was certainly a memorable moment, both funny and romantic especially coming from such a prolific figure.

3. Moving on up to UNIT

After leaving the TARDIS at the conclusion of Series 3, Martha eventually graduated with a degree in medicine. Coupled with her knowledge of extraterrestrials and paranormals (and perhaps because of her connection with the Doctor), it was revealed in the Series 4 episode “The Sontaran Stratagem” that she holds a high-level position as a medical officer of UNIT! The Doctor is initially displeased at this, thinking she’s become a soldier, but she tells him that she does not carry a gun and she is trying to change the destructive tendency of the organization from the inside. Torchwood fans will know that this was also revealed in the spin-off through dialogue and exposition during her time with Torchwood Three.

2. Guarding a Time Lord

In the Series 3 two-parter Human Nature/The Family of Blood, Martha is put into a particularly fragile position. In order to escape an intergalactic menace called the Family of Blood, the Doctor uses the Chameleon Arch to turn himself human for three months, after which Martha must get him to open a fob watch which has stored his Time Lord DNA configuration. During this time, Martha watches over him as a housemaid, the both of them having ended up in 1913 in the English countryside. The Doctor left Martha instructions, but did not seem to mention what would happen if he fell in love. It is heartrending for Martha when the human Doctor falls in love with a school nurse named Joan Redfern. Not prepared by the Doctor for the situation, Martha has a hard time coping with the fact that he didn’t fall in love with her even though he’s a different person. Freema Agyeman’s superb acting alongside David Tennant playing an entirely different and vulnerable character makes this our number 2 Martha moment.

1. Defeating a Time Lord

The Series 3 finale was incredible to watch, with “The Last of the Time Lords” mainly following the Master’s hold over the Earth alongside Martha’s solitary quest to defeat him. Traveling for an entire year, using the TARDIS key to mask her presence and avoid detection by the Master, she goes across the world to find a method of beating the Master. We won’t get into detail, but for those of you who know just how the Master is defeated, you know that Martha was truly courageous to do what the Doctor told her to, risking not only her life but the lives of the world as a whole. For carrying such a weight on her shoulders, this Martha moment definitely reigns at number 1.

Those are our top five Martha Jones moments, but we’re wondering what you think! Be sure to comment on the blog, post on Facebook, or tweet on Twitter with your favorite Martha moments! Of course, don’t forget that the BBC-licensed Martha Jones Companion Jacket is still on sale for $199, but only for this month! Be sure to get yours before they’re gone! Smilie: :)

Thank you for reading, and have a great Martha Monday!

Mad for Martha,
The AbbyShot Team

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