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Well folks, I certainly cannot say AbbyShot doesn’t listen to their audience, because they even listen to a fan like me. You remember the beginning of the month I posted about my idea about gloves, an idea I figured would very much appeal to all of us? Well look at what I found.
My my, weren’t they quick! These are a prototype I managed to find laying about, so I took them into my possession and tried them on.
I’ve got to say, this particular pair is rather stunning. Fashionable and very, very stunning! I like them a fair bit.
And they definitely go with a certain coat that AbbyShot sells…
It’s like “The Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo, only with love and peace. I’ve heard word that more improvements are going into them: they’re currently sporting a flared look with a zigzag theme which may be changed. What do you think? Should they stick with the flared glove or perhaps go the belted or snapped route? You be the judge.
I also found these laying around, simply waiting for a kind and gentle hand like mine to photograph them. Well, who could resist such a Siren’s call?
It’s a bit different from most AbbyShot designs – the leather is still present, but there’s a fair bit of mesh in this design too. Also different from AbbyShot’s current selection of gloves is that it tightens via a large velcro strap. The improvements that I’ve overheard that could be made would be more leather, less mesh. What do you think? Would you pick up a pair of these? Do they need more mesh or less?
I’m glad to see some more product development with my own eyes, especially seeing my design idea taken to heart. I think that AbbyShot takes all ideas to heart and at the very least evaluate every idea that the fans submit…It’s why I follow this company. Their dedication to their customers is second to none. They’ve been quiet lately about their product development, but with the projects I’ve been showing you, you can see they’re working hard behind the scenes. Still, they can’t keep me away, and I’ll be showing you more next week.
I’m looking for your responses – I want to know what aspects of these designs you like, what could use improvement, and of course: are these something you guys would want? On Facebook, through Twitter, on the blog, via email…It doesn’t matter, make your voice heard and I’ll hear you, and AbbyShot will take your input into account. The truly wise always listen.
- Eon

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