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Here’s a riddle: What’s black and red and gruff all over? Be sure not to stare at his head during this FicFashFri, because the character we’re looking at today is none other than Anung Un Rama, commonly known as Hellboy! Might help if you brought some pancakes; we hear he likes those! Today we’re going to compare his coat in each of its incarnations – Hellboy, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, and the Hellboy comic!

Hellboy in the comics

Hellboy’s trademark duster is a worn old coat, but looks great while laying the smackdown on the supernatural. It’s referenced in the first Hellboy film as a leather coat, but it seems to be an oilskin or lambskin. In the The Golden Army however, they go with a cloth design similar to the way it looks in the comic. Both films share the same basic coat design though.

Here you can better see the material
of his first coat from “Hellboy

The coat is actually fairly similar in some respects to the Deckard Trench. However, instead of buttons on the collar, two belts can come together to bring it around the neck – though we’re not sure if it would even fit around Hellboy’s! The collar is also a darker color than the rest of the coat on both movie versions. The mantle of the coat seems to be permanently sewn into the coat, unlike some dusters which have removable ones. However, the mantle is still very loose and flowing, which is a very cool look for this duster. The leather embossed Bureau of Paranormal Research & Defense patch is sewn onto the left side of the mantle in the movie versions – this is a contrast with the comic book version, in which the BPRD patch is attached to his right arm. Also apparent on his left side in the movie is a small patch under the mantle. This small patch is not very apparent, but this small patch is small three-leaf clover, probably one Hellboy’s many supernatural wards on his person (or demon, whatever!). The right half-sleeve in the movie version seems to be tailored specifically for Hellboy to be able to put on the coat easily, something we’re not sure is explained in the comic version. I mean, how DOES he get the sleeve over his giant red Right Hand of Doom? The movie version seems to have that explanation, with the sleeve able to be opened by unbelting it. The pockets are typical longcoat fare, slanted diagonally. The coat itself is not belted, and buttons up in the middle right up to the belted collar.

Doing what he does best, but it’s also a better view of his coat in “Hellboy 2: The Golden Army”

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Good Samaritan? More like the BEST Samaritan!
(That’s his gun’s name, in case you don’t know. ;D)

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