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Well, it’s the end of another fantastic month, and your emails continue to make our days brighter! We look forward to sharing what you have to say and the adventures you have in your AbbyShot coats, jackets and more. What kinds of things have you been up to? What exciting places have you been? Where has your wanderlust landed you this time? This month, we have a treasure trove of photos from Rob in the UK, who wore his Tenth Doctor’s Coat from Doctor Who to a London fan convention. Rob has also entered his photos in the Summer CON-Test II! Here he comes in his TARDIS!

“Here are some photos of me wearing my 10th Doctor coat at the London Film & Comic Con. The Tardis in the pic is an actual Police Box outside Earl’s Court tube station!
Many thanks,

 Second of all we’ve got a great picture Rob had taken with Elizabeth Sladen, best known as long-time Companion of the Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith! Rob must have been thrilled to meet Mrs. Sladen, we’re certainly hoping he got a print of the photo autographed! Smilie: ;)

You can tell Rob had a good time with other costumed con-goers in his friendly encounter with two different alien species – a Predator and a Dalek! How he survived the encounter is unknown, but as we all know, the Sonic Screwdriver can do some wondrous things! However, the Dalek doesn’t seem to mind, he’s even got a little donation tin hanging from his Manipulator arm. We think he’s more interested in charity than extermination. Smilie: :) Note the second Doctor – another meta-crisis?!

Of course, what is the Doctor if not surrounded by beautiful Companions? Of course, Doctor Who canon would (basically) explode if the Doctor traveled around with Wonder Woman and Jessica Rabbit, but strange things can happen when he’s involved! Rob looks like he’s having fun! Smilie: :D

While the TARDIS might be the Doctor’s main form of transportation, I bet Rob would love to take the Tumbler from The Dark Knight out for a spin! Thank you Rob for these great photos, we’re glad to see you had fun doing timey-wimey stuff at the London Film & Comic Con!

Last but certainly not least in our customer emails this month is Daniel Jacques, a local customer from The Rock (i.e. Newfoundland) who recently came into our studio to try on a Foxhound Coat, and immediately fell in love! He posted on our Map Your ‘Shot and on our Facebook page with some impressive profile pictures. If there’s a fan of Metal Gear Solid, it’s Mr. Jacques!

Thank you for your great pictures and emails, gentlemen! Remember, if you get some pictures of you in your AbbyShot clothing, why not send ‘em over our way? We love seeing new photos of customers enjoying their coats or any item in our catalogue. Map Your ‘Shot, email us, or post your photos on Twitter and Facebook! Also, why not enter our Summer CON-Test II? Keep in mind we have two brackets: the AbbyShot bracket and the Homemade Costume bracket, so be sure to enter to have a chance at winning $50 AbbyCash for a product priced over $150!

See you next time!
The AbbyShot Team

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