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It’s time for an epic Fiction Fashion Friday of epic epicness! Since this is an ongoing series of articles, there is some fine-tuning to be done. From now on, instead of going into detail about the coat or jacket, we figure we’ll give you something a bit more fun. A cool-looking character can really get you into a series, make you curious as to what kind of people surround them, how they react to their environment, and what purpose their coat or jacket serves. So from today onward, we’re going to tell you about the coolest characters, their overall outfit in brief, and let YOU decide whether this is something you might want to see from AbbyShot! We’ll talk about the series they’re from, their role in the series (without spoiling too much), and just how their outfit works for the character. And now, here’s a character we can all relate to on some degree – Scott Pilgrim! The world’s new favorite slacker is not one to shy away from some form of style. In fact, we think he might be the only person to make a parka look really darn good! Of course, that comes with the territory when you’re Canadian like Scott, a fact that we’re proud of being a Canadian company ourselves! Smilie: :)


Scott Pilgrim is the eponymous character of the series. Beginning as a graphic novel, its popularity quickly soared, resulting in the recent movie and game. The plot revolves around Scott’s ordinary life being shattered because of an American girl named Ramona Flowers. He quickly falls in love with her and begins dating her, but there’s a catch – he has to defeat her seven evil exes! Thus begins Scott’s tale!

Michael Cera as Scott in the live-action movie. You can see
the orange lining, which is just like the comic version!

Scott is usually seen in a t-shirt, jeans, and some sweatbands on his wrists. His t-shirts vary, usually being band t-shirts, game t-shirts, or more. From time to time he’ll wear a button-up shirt at parties and other such occasions. He even dons a suit for a “Mexican Day of the Dead” party at Julie’s! However, what we want to take a look at today is: Scott’s parka!

…and this time it’s PERSONAL!

You wouldn’t think a parka could be a stand-out piece of clothing, but Scott really knows how to rock the thing! In the comics it even functions as a breeze-flapping coat for moments of true awesome (as seen above). The parka is blue with diamond-patterned orange lining on the inside and a fur lining on the hood. The movie version is very accurate to the comic version (as is most of the costuming really!). The coat in the comics changes a little from the original version on the cover of the first volume. As of Vol. 6, the coat only shows two visible pockets. And what might just be the purpose of Scott’s parka? Well, like we said, somehow he manages to make it flow in the wind (standing on top of a bus will do that though), and it kind of fits his slacker persona, makes him possibly appear hunched over and hidden. Also, you guys might not all know this, but Canadian winters are REALLY cold. A good parka goes a long way!

It’s Canada, it’s cold. This coat works, trust us!

Thanks for reading! Be sure to join us next week for another edition of FicFashFri! Interested in seeing Scott’s parka made? Send us an email, post on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, or comment on the blog! We’re always experimenting with new ideas and this would definitely be different for us. Got suggestions for next week’s FicFashFri? Do the same: get the message out to us!

Have a great weekend!
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