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I have to say, the suspense is killing me. After last week’s impolite intrusion by the cute-but-deadly “AbbyBot” I wasn’t sure if I would be able to continue these surreptitious broadcasts to you fine folks. But after exactly 2.3 seconds of hesitation (nothing more) I decided to soldier on. These messages must continue – “Can’t stop the signal”, to quote a favorite film of mine. Unfortunately while my resolve is as strong as ever, it seems that the AbbyBot (I cringe to think about it) has affected my technology…

As you may remember, I have cameras placed throughout AbbyShot Headquarters. I thought this would enable me to take any kind of photo I wanted of anything on site. This does not seem to be the case. To put it simple terms: 

My camera placements refuse to zoom OUT.

It’s the AbbyBot’s doing, I’m sure of it. The following photo is all I have to offer, does this tie in with last week’s photo, I wonder?

Buttons. Beautiful black buttons. Do these look familiar? 
“Ring any bells”, so to speak? (Hmm, the sound of bells – means that something is approaching soon…Smilie: ;)

My signal is fading for now, but, by all means, share your theories with me and spread the word – here on the Blog, on Facebook, or on Twitter. I will be listening (as will AbbyShot), and of course: I will be back. 



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