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Hey guys! What’s up? It looks like it’s time for another Fiction Fashion Friday! Today we’re going to cover a character who is crass, violent, and yet still downright awesome. Ladies and gentlemen, may we present Travis Touchdown of the video game series No More Heroes! Travis is a bit different from most protagonists. Definitely an anti-hero, he’s an anime fan (proud to be an otaku!) who climbs the ladders of the United Assassins Association for less-than-noble reasons (chief among them women, power, and to be the best) but he still manages to be a likeable character. He’s easy to relate to because he’s an everyday Joe doing something extraordinary.

Very much a punk design, Travis’ trademark red jacket is fairly unique. Made of red leather and usually worn over a shirt from his favorite anime, it’s definitely a flamboyant and “loud” design. It is reminiscent of some types of army jackets, with buttoned epaulets on the shoulders. On his chest, traveling up his shoulders and down his back is a tiger-stripe design, a really different design on a leather jacket. At the bottom of the sleeve is a belt, most likely designed to tighten the jacket around the wrists. It also seems that Travis has the sleeves pulled up a bit (you can easily see his sweatband), or the sleeves may be a little short on him. The jacket seems to be light rather than heavy, as Travis wears it in his hometown of Santa Destroy (based on sunny California). The bottom of the jacket has a band of leather going around the waist. There are also diagonal zippered pockets on each side of the jacket, located above the leather band.

In No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, Travis has a similar jacket, but with some changes. Most notably, the collar is now ribbed, and is no longer leather. There are lapels with golden stars at the corners. The tiger-stripe pattern on the back still remains, but with a Santa Destroy flag in the pattern along with two golden star buttons like the ones on his lapels. His epaulets are changed somewhat; instead they are back to front and different, possibly belted, in design. On the leather band around his waist there are now studs where the seams of the tiger-stripe pattern end. The pockets are also vertical now; a minor change but a notable one nonetheless!

Is it just us, or does everyone, when they hear the words “anime” and “red jacket” together, automatically think “Kaneda from Akira”? A possible inspiration for Travis Touchdown, perhaps? We think there’s a heaping dose of Dante from Devil May Cry thrown in as well! Who would you say are the main inspirations for this anti-hero character and his look?

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