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It’s that time, folks: Time to get out the vote for the CON-test!

The voting for the AbbyShot CON-test 2 is now under way, with photo entries in from all over the globe. We wanted the coolest convention photos and many AbbyShot customers answered the call! Now the fun part begins: YOU, the fans, get to vote on the winner!

As you may remember, we had two brackets in this year’s edition of the CON-test: One for cosplay with AbbyShot gear and the other for home-made cosplay. Only one intrepid fan submitted a home-made costume photo so they’ve won by acclamation (we’ll announce that winner next month), but now the race is on for the AbbyShot bracket! Here are the contestants and instructions on how YOU can vote here on the Blog or on Facebook!

Without further ado, here are the top three AbbyShot bracket contestants:

Contestant #1: Rob!
“Wearing my 10th Doctor coat at the London Film & Comic Con. The Tardis in the pic is an actual Police Box outside Earl’s Court tube station!” – Rob, UK
Contestant #2 – Rudi
“I’d like to join the CON-test’s AbbyShot Bracket with this picture. The character I’m cosplaying as is Squall from Final Fantasy VIII, obviously sporting your jacket Smilie: ;)” – Rudi, France
Contestant #3 – Eric!
“It’s me in the hotel room practicing my Silent Bob ‘mannerisms’.  On a side note, a Dragon*Con attendee asked me specifically, ‘Is that an AbbyShot?’  To which I happily replied, ‘Yes, it is!'” – Eric, USA

Thanks to all of our Contestants for the awesome photos!

How To Vote…

Now you’ve got a tough yet important job ahead of you: All 3 photos are great, but which one do you think is the coolest? The prize at stake for the winner: $50.00 in AbbyCash off any product priced over $150.00!

There are 2 places where you can vote on your favourite photo:

1) Here on the Blog in the “Comments” section below!
Just let us know the Contestant # you’re voting for. We’ve temporarily disabled Anonymous comments in the interests of fairness, so you’ll just need to log in with your Google Account, Blogger account, or OpenID account before voting.

2) On the AbbyShot Facebook Page in our CON-test 2 Album!
Just write the word “Vote” in the Comments underneath your preferred photo, or write your preferred Contestant # in the Comments for the Facebook album itself. You’ll find the CON-test 2 Facebook Album at this link!

Please keep things fair (we know you will!) and keep it to one vote per person. The voting will end in one month’s time, on October 13th and the winner will be announced soon after! Have fun and we look forward to seeing your vote!

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