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For September’s Customer E-mails we feature two dedicated AbbyShot fans. Donn, a returning customer who looks great in AbbyShot long coats, and Bob, a true AbbyShot veteran who you don’t wanna to mess with! (At least I don’t…Smilie: ;)

Donn in his Doctor Who Tenth Doctor's Coat from AbbyShotYou may recognize our first customer from our very own AbbyShot website! This loyal fan proudly donned The Deckard Trench in some amazing shots a couple of years ago. He wore that coat so well, who knew he would also make such a great Doctor!

These are just a couple of the shots he took during a preliminary photo shoot in his Tenth Doctor’s Coat (pictures from the final photo shoot to come…Smilie: ;).
Donn in action in his Doctor Who Tenth Doctor's Coat from AbbyShot 
Dear AbbyShot,

Got the coat! WOW!!
Great quality, as expected.
Heavier than I thought!
Visually, it looks tailored to me. Shoulders perfect. (I’m picking up the actual suit I’ll be wearing under it for the photo shoots this weekend.)
Best and g’nite!
Donn – USA

Our second customer email is from Bob, a long-time customer who likes to test the elements in his Deckard Trench – this one is actually the Deckard Version 1.0 that we offered in a Limited Edition from 2006-2007.

Bob shows us his Blade Runner ID in his Deckard Version 1.0 Coat from AbbyShotI have had the Version 1 Deckard coat for three years now.  I used it for both cosplay and day-to-day wear.  Blade Runner is one of my favorite movies and it is such a nice thing to find a quality coat that looks like it was lifted right off of the screen.  The coat has served me well in bad weather as well as good.  From zero degree Fahrenheit winters to torrential rain storms, it has kept me dry and comfortable.  The removable liner allows me to use it throughout the year.  A lot of people recognize the coat from “something” even if they cannot name the movie.  It always makes an entrance and impresses.  In June I wore it on a stormy day on my way to train some Chinese engineers.  I put it on without even thinking of it like I always do.  The Chinese engineers didn’t speak very good English, but they all said “woah” when I entered the classroom.  It took me a moment to realize that it was the Deckard coat. 
Bob means business in his Deckard Version 1.0 Coat from AbbyShot, inspired by Blade RunnerExcellent work.

Best Regards,

Bob Barker – USA

These are great pictures from two top notch customers! We always love to see how our garments transform everyday people into their favorite characters, so keep those pictures coming! Smilie: :)  

All the best,
The AbbyShot Team

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