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For over eight years AbbyShot has been creating exciting high-quality garments that allow you to dress like your favourite characters from sci-fi, films, anime, and video games. Now we are bringing back an old favorite that will allow you to take your costuming to a whole new level! 

Sure, it’s great to dress up as a time-traveling Doctor, or even take out your road-rage in a Max Jacket. But you know what’s even cooler? Dressing up like your favourite AbbyShot employee! Sure it is….take our word for it… : /

That’s right! Now you can get your very own Abby-Shirt! For just $25.00 CAD!
These beautiful shirts are made from a preshrunk, poly-cotton blend fabric. We love these shirts, and we hope you will too! 
Stop dressing like your boring, old, everyday, anime villain (please don’t stop!) and start dressing like an AbbyShot staff member today! Smilie: :)

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