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Fic! Fash! Fri! It’s Fiction Fashion Friday! Today we’re looking at Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach!

Bleach is an anime series that starts off low-key and builds up to a big bang (much like the main character’s wardrobe… but we’ll get to that! Smilie: ;). Ichigo Kurosaki, the main character of the series, is a high schooler with the extraordinary ability to see ghosts. Things change however when Rukia Kuchiki, a Soul Reaper (Shinigami in Japanese) appears in the process of hunting down a Hollow (a lost soul) who is looking for a meal…and Ichigo appears to be that snack! Rukia is wounded and attempts to transfer half of her energy into Ichigo so he can fend off the Hollow to protect himself and his family from it. However, he draws most of her energy and becomes a Soul Reaper (with an enormous sword to boot), successfully slaying the Hollow. Rukia, powerless, stays with Ichigo until her powers come back. A series of episodes surrounds this recovery, until Rukia is persecuted by the governing body of the Soul Reapers, Soul Society. Thus begins Ichigo’s quest to save Rukia from Soul Society, which spirals further into a conspiracy, and things aren’t quite as they seem in the afterlife.

Ichigo is a well-meaning but oft-misunderstood character at the beginning of the series. Outwardly he acts distant and angry, but inside he cares about his family, his friends, and even strangers, and truly doesn’t want to see anyone hurt. The beginning of the series shows him paying respects to the ghosts he sees because he feels it’s the right thing to do. Eventually he drops this cold persona and fights for his friends as best as he can. Throughout the series, he becomes more and more powerful, which of course means a change of wardrobe! Earning a power called “Bankai” later in the series, he transforms himself into a black-coated form. His giant sword Zangetsu becomes a smaller black sword called Tensa Zangetsu which condenses his power into the smaller blade, thus growing more powerful and even quicker.

Ichigo’s usual outfit in his regular form is a black kimono with white lining, a white ribbon, hakama pants, sandals and white tabi socks. This outfit is the typical wear of all Soul Reapers, with Soul Society Captains wearing a white haori (long formal coat) over the regular uniform.

When Ichigo uses his “Bankai”, his outfit changes to a long tattered black coat with red or black lining, black hakama with a white belt, and his usual tabi and sandals. Underneath he usually wears white bandages. Now what purpose does this coat serve besides looking cool? It’s been theorized by Ichigo in the manga that it actually functions as an indication for how much power he has left! (The more tattered the coat, the worse off he is!) Something of a joke, really, but when you think about it, his outfit DOES get torn up a lot during fights…usually when he’s easing off or losing. Kind of makes you think!

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See you next week for the final FicFashFri!

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