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Have you cast your vote yet for your favourite CON-testant? As of right now our very silent Contestant #3 – Eric is in the lead! But the Doctor and the Squall are still in the running!

The polls close October 13th! 
(Only one vote per person please!)

Have a look at the pictures below to choose who you would like to win.
Contestant #1: Rob!
Contestant #2 – Rudi!
Contestant #3 – Eric!

So choose wisely! The winner will receive $50.00 in AbbyCash off any product priced over $150.00!

The two ways to vote:

1) Here on the Blog in the “Comments” section below!
Just let us know the Contestant # you’re voting for. We’ve temporarily disabled Anonymous comments in the interests of fairness, so you’ll just need to log in with your Google Account, Blogger account, or OpenID account before voting.

2) On the AbbyShot Facebook Page in our CON-test 2 Album!
Just write the word “Vote” in the Comments underneath your preferred photo, or write your preferred Contestant # in the Comments for the Facebook album itself. You’ll find the CON-test 2 Facebook Album at this link!

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