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AbbyShot feels truly honoured today to post the following story from our UK trip. Let’s just say that it’s always an amazing rush when we see one of our heroes wearing an AbbyShot coat!

This extraordinary picture of Doctor Who legend Tom Baker (the Fourth Doctor, of course!) was kindly supplied by ScifiCollector.co.uk who hosted one of their regular signings at the end of September.

It’s a quick “off-the-cuff” photo but one that gave us quite a charge, we must say! The Fourth Doctor wearing a Tenth Doctor’s Coat standing next to a cut-out of David Tennant as the Doctor – it’s just too awesome for us to comprehend, frankly!

We have to give big thanks to ScifiCollector.co.uk, one of the UK’s best known Doctor Who dealers (they also manufacture the cool Adventures of Merlin action figures). Tom Baker spent the day with them on Thursday, September 23rd, and they had the presence of mind to snap this photo.

AbbyShot had visited ScifiCollector the day before (if only we had a TARDIS, honestly!) and we didn’t quite believe Director Steven Scott when he said he would ask Mr. Baker to try on one of our coats for size. Well we should never have doubted you, Steven! Smilie: :) As you can see Mr. Baker sportingly obliged, and for the eagle-eyed you will also see that he is holding a replica of the Fourth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver!

If you are UK-based and interested in the Tenth Doctor’s Coat, Steven is now stocking them on ScifiCollector.co.uk. Tom Baker not included. Smilie: ;)

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