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Well, AbbyShot has managed to sneak something past me again. I have to give them credit, ever since I hit the scene they have been “upping their game” in terms of secrecy. Who knew that there was an entire photo album just WAITING to be found, full of Matrix-style photos of the hallowed and most revered “Lobby Trench” (based on Neo’s coat from the 1st Matrix film, of course).

I certainly didn’t know.

So AbbyShot one-upped me and posted a new photo album on their Facebook page full of exclusive Lobby Trench photos

Here’s a sample of a photo I hadn’t seen before…

Hidden sideseam pockets! 

This coat is a thing of beauty, it truly is. 

Oh, before I forget: I was also informed over email by one of my field agents that AbbyShot sent a special preview VIDEO to those folks on the Waiting List for the return of the Lobby Trench. Well, you KNOW I had to get my hands on that link. Let no one say that Eon doesn’t share with his friends: Click here for the short Lobby Trench video.

Until next time, my friends.

- Eon

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