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The results are in. The votes have been tabulated. The AbbyShot CON-test 2 (The Sequel!) now has two lucky winners thanks to YOUR votes. As you may remember, this year’s CON-test consisted of two brackets: One for cosplay with AbbyShot gear and one for home-made cosplay.

We added up the votes for the “AbbyShot Bracket” from here on the Blog and from the CON-test 2 Album on our Facebook Page and it was, as expected, a close race! All three of our contestants (Rob, Rudi, and Eric) did some amazing cosplay for their summer conventions.

But when it comes to winners (and Highlanders), well: There can be only one!

Without further ado, the winner of the CON-test 2: AbbyShot Bracket is… 
(drumroll please)

Contestant #3 – Eric!
“It’s me in the hotel room practicing my Silent Bob ‘mannerisms’.  On a side note, a Dragon*Con attendee asked me specifically, ‘Is that an AbbyShot?’  To which I happily replied, ‘Yes, it is!'” – Eric, USA

Congratulations Eric! Your awesome Dragon*Con costume has earned you $50.00 CAD in AbbyCash that can be used for any AbbyShot product priced over $150.00 CAD! This is a man who truly knows how to style in a Silent Bob Coat Smilie: ;)

“Wait, what about the home-made bracket?”, you ask! Not to worry, we do have one more lucky winner to announce. We had one fan who submitted a photo of her home-made costume, so she won by acclamation.

Let’s get to it: The winner of the AbbyShot CON-test 2: Home-Made Bracket is…

“Here you go- me in all my BSG glory at this year’s Comic-Con. This is homemade, an off-duty Viper pilot. Thanks guys!”  – Dawn, USA

Now that is a frakkin’ amazing home-made costume! Congrats Dawn, you too have earned your (well-deserved) $50.00 CAD AbbyCash prize. So say we all!

Thanks SO much to all our contestants and our voters, you guys made the CON-test happen, and we certainly hope you had fun. And to all the contestants: Is it safe to say that you’re ready for Halloween as well? Smilie: ;)

Want to take part in a new contest from AbbyShot? We just started a new contest here on the Blog called “Name That Glove” so please feel free to participate in that one too. We need cool names for our new gloves, how fun is that?

Stay awesome folks,
The AbbyShot Team

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