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Over the past little while we’ve been receiving some great photos from customers who have put their region on the map! Quite literally in fact Smilie: ;)

We’re talking about none other than our Map Your ‘Shot Page, and these two intrepid customers were the first in their respective regions to post a photo to our AbbyShot world map!

We’d like to showcase our first mapped photo from Australia (honestly, any Australians reading need to rectify this!). It’s a young Max Rockatansky who is styling in his Max Jacket, looking exactly like the pose on the classic “Road Warrior” poster. It’s conveniently in the background of the photo to prove it, take a look!

I was so impressed with the Mad Max jacket I bought the Vereen one as well!

Thanks for the awesome photo, you’re sure to be the first of many mapped photos from the “Land Down Under”!

Next, we have a stylish Squall Leonhart who mapped the first photo from the province of Quebec in our native Canada. He’s wearing the Squall Jacket of course, but, well… we’ll let him tell it!

 “Me, sporting my Squall Jacket along with my kilt 
(irrelevant I know, but way cool Smilie: :D )”

Way cool indeed!
Finally, we’d like to share a wonderful email from a customer who will hopefully be sending us some photos of his Stampede Duster in action soon!

Hello AbbyShot!

So I’ve owned the Stampede Duster for quite some time now, and I really love it! I’d say it’s the most versatile coat I’ve ever owned. Basically, one could wear it opened or closed, depending on one’s preferences.

The material of the coat is fantastic! It’s really smooth that you’d just want to stroke it, even the lining feels nice on the skin =)

I’ll have to wait for winter to set in before I can say much about how warm it is. But so far, it’s amazing!!!

Thanks for the wonderful work! I’ll be getting pictures in when the winter weather sets in, it’ll be glorious!

Have a great day!
- Soturj, USA

Thanks for all the photos and the emails! Keep sending them in, either through our Map Your ‘Shot page or by email with photo attachments to “info[at]abbyshot.com”. We’re especially looking forward to seeing your Halloween photos; don’t forget to grab your digital camera before you start your Halloween adventures in AbbyShot Gear! And of course, most of all: Have fun! Smilie: :)

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