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The one good thing about this time of year for a spy like me is that everyone at AbbyShot is extremely busy preparing and shipping orders. This allows me time to poke around in places I don’t normally have access to, in order to try to figure out what is next on the production block for AbbyShot.  

Unfortunately my camera got submersed into a vat of apples (don’t ask) and is now on the blink so I wasn’t able to get any shots of my findings, but hopefully I’ll have it back and operational in a couple of weeks once it has totally dried out.    

My sleuthing managed to find me opening a drawer which was filled with fabric samples in various shades of grey. Some were a lighter, platinum colour while others were a dark grey with a blue undertone. They came in a variety of weights and fabrics and now my next task is to find some other clues that will point me in the right direction in order to put the pieces together.

Keep those comments flowing on Facebook, on Twitter, and of course here on the Blog. I’ll be waiting for your feedback…and if you can, let me know your theories as to what you think will be made from these grey fabric samples.



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