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Today was an important Wednesday at AbbyShot HQ as the entire staff gathered for a Product Development Meeting. Honestly, discussing new product development on a WEDNESDAY? I.e. Eonsday, a.k.a. MY day? They were, of course, asking for trouble.

So my camera may have been dampened in the now infamous “vat of apples” incident (seriously, don’t ask) but my spirits were not. Visuals are out of the question for the time being, so audio is in. I placed a bug (the listening device, as opposed to the insect) inside the AbbyShot Production Room. The meeting began promptly at 11am this morning and I promptly began listening to a goldmine of info…

Schedules, spec packs, technical sketches, I heard it all. Unfortunately the bug shorted out halfway through the meeting (my luck is questionable as always) but I heard ALL about three product launches planned for the first half of 2011! And, in typical AbbyShot fashion, all three designs are glorious.

Want to know the first one on their list? Of course you do. Well, it’s based on unicorn from the nose dimension.

Umm… what? I did not just type those words.

Let me try again: It’s goldfish from east speculation.

Oh lord, I know what’s going on. The AbbyBot is blocking certain keywords and has, quite disrespectfully, turned my Blog Post into a game of Mad Libs.

This is going to take a bit more thought on my part. My hints will need to be carefully thought-out to get through this keyword barrier. I shall figure it out, and of course I’ll be in touch next week.

Onwards and upwards, friends!

- Eon

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