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The AbbyShot staff have voted and winners have emerged. In mid-October we put it out there on the Blog for fans to name our new gloves, with each winner getting their own free pair! The suggestions poured in, adding up to over 75 names in total for the AbbyShot Team to choose from. And trust us, this was no easy task! Every single name suggestion we received was excellent and many tie-breaker votes had to happen!

How we voted: Suggested names were sorted randomly and compiled under each glove design, with email addresses and names removed to keep each entry anonymous. AbbyShot team members each voted in a secret ballot for their top 2 names for each design, and the most frequent names voted for in the ballots were deemed the winners.

Like we said, every suggestion was amazing! Thanks so much to everyone who entered the contest. And now the moment you’ve been waiting for: The winning names are..

G1: Vented Fingerless Gloves
 The Ocelot Gloves
Suggested by: Grant C!
From Grant’s email:
“I gave a suggestion a while back that you make the gloves that Liquid Ocelot wore in the game Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

These gloves are strikingly similar to what he wears, so my [suggestion would be the] “Ocelot Gloves”.

AbbyShot’s Response: Yes, sir! We salute you.

G2: Studded Fingerless Gloves
The Maverick Gloves
Suggested by: Sean C!
From Sean’s email:
“G2 should be called the Maverick, based off of Zell’s gloves from Final Fantasy VIII.”
AbbyShot’s Response: My final heaven, that’s awesome!

The Maverick Gloves Product Page

G3: Unisex Studded Gloves
 The Studded Shadows
Suggested by: Dean J!
In Dean’s email, he said this name “rolls off the tongue”.
AbbyShot’s response: It’s gothic yet descriptive! We love it.

G4: Ladies Motorbike Gloves
 The Vixen Gloves
 Suggested by: Marcel N!
Marcel’s email was short and sweet: 7 lines for 7 names.
The AbbyShot Team instantly fell in love with the name “Vixen Gloves” for this ladies’ biker design.
G5 & G6: Men’s and Ladies’ Neoprene Gloves
 The Stealth Gloves


 Suggested by: James T!
From James’s email:
“For the G-5 and G-6: Neoprene always suggests form fitting comfort and adaptability. Those traits combined with the innovative “swept wing” pattern on the top moves the name “Stealth” quietly to the top of my list of names for the G-5 and G-6.”

AbbyShot’s Response: Well said! Great explanation for a fantastic name.

Stealth Gloves – Men’s Product Page

BLOG BONUS! G7: New Gauntlet Gloves
(Coming VERY soon!)
The Granite Gauntlets
Suggested by: Aulii K! 
 From Aulii’s email:
“G7: Granite Gauntlet – Afraid your other gauntlets will crumble?  Behold the Granite Gauntlet, the most durable and stylish gauntlet ever to grace the eyes with its rocky brilliance.*
*I, in no way, shape or form, know any validity in the glove’s statements.  They were merely added as an entertaining notion to my observations of the pictures AbbyShot has provided.”

AbbyShot’s Response: Wow, a great glove name and an entertaining writer! What more could we ask for? Smilie: ;)

Thanks so much to ALL of our winners: Great job! We will be in touch next week about your prizes.

To everyone reading: Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to keep your hands warmSmilie: ;)

All the best,
The AbbyShot Team

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