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Thomas in his Doctor Who Tenth Doctor's Coat (with adipose!)

We love November here at AbbyShot, and not just because Christmas is coming soon! It’s the month where we get to see how you styled it up for Halloween in your AbbyShot garments. These two customers are here to show us all how it’s done!

First we have a new owner of the Tenth Doctor’s Coat who looks he’s ready to star in his own episode of Doctor Who!

Hi AbbyShot, 

The coat was perfect! I’ve never had a piece of clothing ordered online fit me so well–your measurements really helped. I’m going to wear it every time I can, it’s such a pleasure to have on. And so well made!

Thomas in his Doctor Who Tenth Doctor's Coat (with psychic paper!)As an aside, I really appreciate that you encourage customer reviews of your products. They really helped me decide your clothes would be worth the money. Great stuff, great service, great customer relations. I want to buy more things from you just for the experience! Keep it up! 

Thanks again for shipping it for Saturday delivery, you saved my Halloween costume this year. 
Thomas – USA 

Not a problem Thomas, we do what we can for our customers! Thanks for the kind words and the fun photos!

Speaking of fun, it looks like our next customer had a blast in his new Silent Bob Coat this Halloween!

Hi AbbyShot,

Chris looking just like Kevin Smith in his Silent Bob Coat (with his very own Jay!)

I couldn’t be more pleased with my new Silent Boat coat! It’s been going over very well at the parties I’ve been attending, and we were even nominated for the costume contest at the Halloween Bash at the Haunted Central Terminal in Buffalo New York. Close, but no cigar. Maybe next year!

Thanks again!
Chris – USA

Snoogans! Or rather: Thanks to you too!
Both Chris and Thomas have raised the bar for Halloween photos this year. Be sure to follow in their footsteps and send us your coolest photos in your AbbyShot gear.

Keep those awesome pics and emails coming!
All the best,
The AbbyShot Team

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