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Sometimes I just type myself into a corner. So to speak.

Remember earlier this month when I was eavesdropping on an AbbyShot Product Development meeting on a Wednesday? And I teased and said that holding such a meeting on “my day” was “asking for trouble”?

Well, AbbyShot quickly caught on. Product Development meetings seem to be scheduled on Thursdays from now until the end of time.

However: All is not lost. I heard some other rumblings that you may find interesting. 

There was some very excited talk about “caroling” (of the Christmas variety), with a very nice prize involved. Contest-lovers should keep an eye out.

There was also some talk about an “unexpected encounter” for an AbbyShot customer. I believe there’s a special delivery being prepared for him/her already. So keep an eye on your mailboxes, I suppose!

Cryptic hints I know. I’m doing what I can, I assure you, and will continue to do so. Sometimes I may type myself into a corner, but there’s no doubt I will type myself right back out again…

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