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AbbyShot Christmas Carol Contest

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Starting today and continuing until Wednesday, December 8th, we will be launching our very first AbbyShot Christmas Carol Contest.  The winner of the contest will have a choice of winning either a pleather Jenova or an Enigma and will be announced in our newsletter on Thursday, December 9th.

Now, all good contests have some rules, and ours is no exception.  Your AbbyShot Christmas Carol must contain the following:

  1. At least two verses and a refrain.
  2. A minimum of 6 AbbyShot products must be mentioned within the song.
  3. You will be “graded” on cadence, etc…so make sure it’s smoooooooth……(ie sounds good)
  4. The more creative you are, the better your chances are of winning….
  • If you set your carol to the tune of an already existing Christmas carol, then please let us know which one it is
  • If you make your own music up, then send us a file so we can hear it
  • Maybe you have some pictures that go with it… send us a slideshow or use moviemaker or some such program and send us the complete version all put together
  • Create an old, antique-looking document or something that was unburied or……
  • Make a video…..
  • Create an art installation…..
  • Heck the sky is the limit!  Just use your imagination!  The more creative, the more its impact, the better! 

You have 19 days and a great chance to own your very own Jenova or Enigma coat!

The only other catch is that we are able to use your entry for publicity…to show the world how very special and creative AbbyShot fans are!!

 So, help us celebrate!!  Enter as often as you like!!  Remember, the closing date is Wednesday, December 8th!

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